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Instructor:                                    Date: September 15th 2017


Lesson plan/topic: Ordering in a restaurant

Class reflection:





I notice… (teacher actions or words)


I notice…  student actions or words)

I am thinking….

(questions, analysis, application of theory, thoughts)

  1:30 T asked students about the homework.

T told students that it was nothing wrong if the customer service was not nice to them.

Students reported the phone call they made to a food service restaurant. They expressed their feelings when asking for food on the phone. This realistic activity was really a great chance for students to practice the target language.
  1:40 T  asked students to open their books. She asked students about the previous class.

T provided students with a copy of a menu model.

Some students reported what they remembered about the previous class.

Ss got into groups for the activity. They had to create a personalized menu. Cinnamon

I strongly believe on the importance of group work. If students have the chance practice their language before using it in front of the whole class, they have more opportunities to polish their speaking and gain confidence. I like the idea a lot.
  1:54 Lesson planT asked ss to exchange their menus with the group next to them.

She explained that in groups, they would have to practice a conversation using the menu they just got.

Ss practiced the dialog with the rest of the group.

They did a great job pronouncing the vocabulary.

Some of them also added more information to the conversation.

Again, I think that students did a wonderful practicing the conversation in group. It seems to me that the strength of the course is the group work facility.

I noticed that students seemed distracted and pretty quiet today. I was wondering why.

  2:02 T sat the table for students to go to the front and role play the conversation. Students went to the front and pretended they were costumers and waitress/waiter It was wonderful to see students using realia when performing the conversation.

Realia made the activity a very realistic one. Students had fun seating at a real table.

  2:13 T asked students to switch menus and dialogs again. Ss looked for the new menu. Students changed roles. I got surprised how students were ready and willing to go to the front and keep practicing.
  2:20 Class ended    
Lesson plan