Lean Six Sigma model



Toyota is an organization that has successfully incorporated the Lean Six Sigma model. In the beginning before they mastered the art, they suffered a $ 15 billion loss in the span of two days. They worked on it and improved with time. Toyota is now cutting on production cost by effectively managing waste produced by reducing the amount of raw materials needed. Toyota only puts together a vehicle only when an order is placed. This helps to cut on storage costs. Just in Time (JIT) was invented to reduce the time used from the production arena to the suppliers to the customers. The process is a loop that requires great care as a break in one link can shut down the rest of the system.

The various suppliers are constantly in the pressure to perform by getting challenged to do better and Toyota helping them to do it just like its employees. I think it’s great that Toyota is encouraging creativity among its employees. This greatly improves production activities and management. It is easy to identify problems, diagnose and solve the problems. Their use of  a pull system  encourages them to stop and carry out quality control, customer satisfaction is put in the fore front as they provide exactly what a customer needs. “The car in front of you is always a Toyota” Their motto alone proves that the company is achieving milestones in the car production industry. I applaud their creative process, their patience in developing a system that can be emulated by other companies. Their waste management is impressive considering the current struggle in the world to deal with solid waste.


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