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Lawful behaviour modification



Lawful behaviour modification

Keeping minor offenders out of jail serves the function of keeping jails less populated and giving minor offenders a chance at changing their lives without facing jail time. Authorities have put together three programs to achieve supervision away from jail. Home-Based Supervision (HBS) achieves keeping youths from jail and supervising them from home. It uses electronic monitoring to track the movements of the youth so that they do not take advantage of the situation. Juvenile Intake and Assessment Centre (JIAC) is a one day operation that helps juveniles keep away from juvenile detention by referring them on the appropriate appointments to make. JIAC gets their clients from concerned parents, law agencies and from the District Attorney’s office. Adult Field Services is an adult program that helps adult offenders evade prison through probation. The offenders are required to present themselves on the day that they are required to by law. Failure to comply, results in more strict measures.

I have learnt that this supervision programs keep youth away from jail as they are young and may not protect themselves in jail. I have also learnt that authorities are concerned about the lives of young offenders and provide the required help to keep them on track. I have learnt that these supervision systems are not based on trusting the offender to do the right thing because authorities are constantly monitoring them but they give offenders a chance at living in a better environment as they undergo correction. I learnt that officials take face to face visits very seriously as these enable them to access an individual better.  I also learnt that the procedure duties of the officers in charge for all the programs are basically the same. They all insist on face to face meetings, follow up with treatment providers, and make sure that the person being supervised observe their limits, make sure that they attend school or go to work, test for any drug abuse and look out for violations in the probation terms. The probation officers ensure that they attend and testify in court for the probationer, document their behaviour and efforts at working well with the probation officer.Lawful behaviour modification

I think that all the duties of a probationer are effective in helping probationers work on behaviour change. I also think that this system of keeping youths out of jail is effective in helping them make amends without experiencing the hard life of jail where interactions with hard cores might influence their behaviour for the worst. Home keeps them safe and also gives the family and the community to advise them as well. I think that the adult program is helping decongest prisons as overpopulated prisons leads to increased risk of illness.Lawful behaviour modification

I would recommend that these programs provide probationers with help groups where they can speak with each other leading to a better life. Help groups will also help them to understand court processes especially for new probationers and decrease the chances of messing up.  I would also recommend that probationers that are unemployed be provided with a job because an idle mind is a recipe for disaster and they may be tempted to skip probation or go against the rules. With a job to report to daily, they will have something to think about. The provided job would also come in handy when their court processes are complete by keeping them from more trouble or going back to their old ways. The people living with probationers should also be educated on dealing with them so that they do not discriminate them and make them feel worse.Lawful behaviour modification