Lab Assignment: Machines and Efficiency Laboratory:

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Lab Assignment: Machines and Efficiency Laboratory:


This lab demonstrates the principles of mechanical advantage and efficiency with regard to simple machines. Mechanical advantage is the ratio of output force to input force. Efficiency is the ratio of work output to work input.


Developing hypothesis

In this experiment we will study and compare the efficiency and mechanical advantage of inclined plane and the pulley system.

A pulley system will have higher mechanical


To measure the work output and work input of inclined plane and pulley.

To calculate efficiency of each machine.

To compare machines based on their efficiencies and determine the factors that effect their efficiencies.

Inclined Plane

  1. Familiarize yourself with The Ramp simulation; follow procedures A–G below. Note that procedure C asks you to record the results in your data tables.

The simulation contains an image of a man who can push various items up a ramp. You can make the man apply force to the objects in several ways: by clicking and dragging the item itself, by moving the slider labeled Parallel Force…………..

Calculate the Applied Force that will make the object move up the ramp with constant velocity. Because the ramp is frictionless, the only force pushing the object down the ramp is the component…………..

In this lab, you will measure Applied Work. Collapse the graph that shows forces by clicking the minimize button in the top right corner of the graph. Click the button that says Work Graph…………….

Drawing Conclusions: Based on your calculations, which machine has the most mechanical advantage: a pulley system……………

Evaluating Methods: How would performing this experiment in a hands-on laboratory affect your calculation of efficiency? When performing this experiment in laboratory there are high risks………….