Just in Time



Just in Time (JIT) was invented primarily to reduce the time used from the production arena to the suppliers to the customers. The process is a loop that requires great care as a break in one link can greatly cost the rest of the system.

Toyota is often used as an example of an organization that has successfully incorporated the Lean Six Sigma model. It has cost them at times, with the highest loss being a $ 15 billion loss in the span of two days. They worked on it however and are now cutting on production cost by effectively managing waste produced by reducing the amount of raw materials needed. Toyota works by assembling a vehicle only when an order is placed and therefore cut on  storage costs. The vehicles you see on their display room are not being stored they are probably just awaiting picking by the customer.

The model improves people relationships. The various suppliers are constantly in the pressure to perform by getting challenged to do better and Toyota helping them to do it just like its employees. This greatly improves production activities and management. Problems are often easily identified, diagnosed and solutions found. Implementation often allows for a continued improvement process so that a company like Toyota is often producing new car models that are often improved in both efficiency and model outlook.  They also use a pull system that encourages them to stop and carry out quality control, thus provide a customer only with what they need not what is wanted yet is waste at the end of the day. Their creativity is top notch and I guess their motto says it all. “The car in front of you is always a Toyota”


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