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Journal Entry 1


I am attempting to exercise once a day and eat more fruits and vegetables. As of right now, exercising is somewhat difficult since I am usually busy with work, school, or extracurricular activities. For example, today I had a debate to attend in Pasadena. I woke up at 5am to get ready for the day. I wore my beige dress with my pearl jewelry set. The debate event lasted from 7am to 4pm. By the time I got back home, I was so tired of standing and talking to people. I really wasn’t motivated to go work out since I had been standing most of the day and I did not have anyone to really motivate me to exercise. I will definitely workout tomorrow though. I think I should try to go to sleep early so that I will have ore energy to exercise later in the day.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Journal Entry 2


Today I forgot I had to pick up my friend from LAX at 8pm. I normally work out after school and work around 8pm. It is hard to find a time to workout. I think that I sometimes overwhelm myself with homework and extracurricular activities. I feel that I need write out my obligations so that I am not so overwhelmed with the things that I have which prevent me from working out. I know I enjoy running, jogging, and swimming. The biggest challenge to working out is myself. I doubt my ability to workout. Whether it is because of not having enough time or not having enough energy. I had work from 8am-1pm and classes from 1:20 p.m.-3:50 p.m. Lately I have not been eating as many fruits and vegetables as I want to. I have been running on a small budget. Most of my meals include cereal, milk, bread, peanut butter, jelly, smoothies, and pasta. Lately I have been thinking about quitting my internship because of the time and money that could be used to work. This will help me have money to be used for food instead of gas to go to my current internship.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Journal Entry 3


Today I had classes all day. I am also interested in another group on campus. This interest in the group may take up time from working out. I think subconsciously I am avoiding working out and then telling myself that I am busy in order to make myself feel better. However, in reality I am just avoiding working out. It makes me questions whether I really want to work out or not.  I know I want to run a 3-mile in or less than 24 minutes but I don’t know whether my goal is realistic. I ran a while back and my time was roughly 30 minutes. It wasn’t that bad of a time but I know I can do better. I think that I really have to set aside time to work out and commit myself to it. I know I can eventually get there. My friends and family are encouraging but I need to be encouraging of myself. “I am my own worst enemy”.



Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Today I had my executive board meeting and my club meeting. I had to make a PowerPoint about Self-Branding. I think it went well. In the back of my mind I really wanted to workout during my meeting. I eventually went to the gym in the University Village center. I like working out there because there isn’t a lot of people there and it quiet. I had worked out on the elliptical for 30 minutes and I jogged for another 30 minutes. I felt really good afterwards. To be honest, I fell more “confident” and “sexy” after I work out. I normally work out without music or watching Television. I like to have a quiet setting by myself when I work out so that I can focus on myself. I need to remember how I feel whenever I have self-doubts before working out. I think I will be more motivated to work out by remembering the euphoria of after working out.


Thursday, October 30, 2014


Today I had my internship from 9a.m.-1p.m. They had lunch catered to us. The meal consisted of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, buttered corn, salad, bread roll, and apple pie a la mode. It was a great meal but it had way too many calories. On the bright side I got to eat some vegetables. I also had terminated my internship because of the time and money that I needed to save for work. It was a hard decision to make but I am happy I did it. I think I will have more time to work out now and I will be able to manage my time better. There is only so much I can do though. I have noticed that lately I have been eating under 800 calories a day. I had noticed this when I had done the lab on one of the Tuesdays. I think since I haven’t been working out so much, my calorie intake is “okay” but I think it is somewhat of a concern. I need to take better care of myself by eating more food and working out. I don’t want to develop an eating disorder and I don’t want to become obese either. I need to commit myself to running at least 30 minutes a day, regardless of what time of day it is.


Friday, October 31,


Today is Halloween! I had a long day. I had work from 8am-1pm, classes from 1:20p.m.-3:50p.m., and homework from 4pm-8pm. I am very excited to see what kind of costumes people will wear. I had seen my boss come into the office wearing the outfit from the Pixar movie “Up”. I had been invited to several different parties and places but I didn’t want to drink alcohol. I ended up staying at my dorm. I was too lazy to run (again). I actually got a random text from a friend who invited me to go to Denny’s. I hung out with her and ate ice cream. It wasn’t too bad since I had not eaten a lot of calories. I still felt bad about not working out though. Then again, I don’t eat ice cream all the time so it’s okay that I ate ice cream.


Saturday, November 1, 2014


Today was a special day. Pete Aguilar, the mayor of Redlands, was running for U.S. Congress. Today was the democratic vote rally event celebrating his campaign. Vice President Joe Biden was supporting Pete Aguilar and was a guest speaker at the event. I got to shake Vice President Joe Biden’s hand. Also, It was raining and cold so I didn’t think that weather was the best condition to run in. in addition to the weather, I had went home before the event and I forgot to bring my workout clothes so I couldn’t event use the treadmill that my parent’s have at their house. Looking back on today, I could have played the “Just Dance 3” game on the Xbox360º. I will do better tomorrow.



Sunday, November 2, 2014


Today I went back to my dorm. I had been relaxing all day at home until I got back to my dorm. I ended up working out at the University Village for about 30 minutes on the elliptical. I felt really good. I saw my friend Brenda and Steve there so I was a little uncomfortable. I didn’t realize how insecure I was when I workout. I know they won’t look or stare at me but I feel ashamed for being “out of shape” for so long. I think I am really tough on myself; especially since I know back when I was in high school I used to be a varsity cross country and track runner. I keep on contrasting my current abilities with my high school abilities. I know I shouldn’t be doing that since it is unrealistic but I know deep down inside I can do better. I should be more forgiving of myself but it’s hard to let go of my past accomplishments of running a 6-minute mile and a 22-minute 5k. I guess I am fighting my own “demons”. Until I write my journal log tomorrow, good night.


Monday, November 3, 2014


Today was a really long day. I had to get up at 4a.m. in the morning to go meet up with my study group. Once I woke up, I though that I was not going to work out. I then had work from 8a.m. – 1p.m. and class from 1:20p.m. – 3:50p.m.  By the time 4p.m. rolled around, I was so tired from the day that I just wanted to go to sleep. However, I still had homework to do and I had to watch the news in order to be up to speed for elections. I think my mentality of “fortune telling” myself that I was going to be too tired to work out defeated my purpose of working out. I think that thoughts lead to words, words lead to actions, and actions lead to results. I had thought that I would be too tired from the day. Therefore I told myself that I would not work out. I then took the action of doing homework and keeping myself “occupied” enough to not work out. The result was the feeling “productive” from doing errands and homework but not working out. I need to think differently. I need to think of working out as more of a task that needs to be done rather than a leisurely activity. If I continue to think of it as a leisurely activity, I will not respect myself enough to want to change my habits.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Today was a stressful day. I almost forgot to register for winter classes before my lab. I don’t think it is a great idea for a registration appointment to be at 7a.m. Also, for lab I had to turn in a worksheet about the news articles and commercials I had seen on television and deciding whether they are passive, aggressive, and neutral stories. This somewhat related to my project because I noticed which commercials motivated me to work out more. For example, when the First Lady Michelle Obama had come out with the “Let’s Move” campaign. I know it’s normally geared towards childhood obesity but it makes me happy to know that there is a political figure that is encouraging of young people working out. Today I went to the CSUSB track and ran 3 miles. I did not take my phone. I only took my wallet. The reason why I did not take my phone is because I did not want to be distracted from working out. I also did not want to feel extra pressure on myself on the time that it would take me to finish my 3-mile work out. I was very proud of myself because I did not stop running. I continued the work out with no water breaks. Today was a good day. I also ate really well. I had only 2 cups of coffee, a bowl of mini-wheat squares, and a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. I think my calorie intake was about 1,200 calories.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Today was a productive day. My dad finally picked up my car and fixed it. I have been stressing out lately because of my car and schoolwork. I unfortunately did not work out because I had so much homework to do. I had lots of errands to do too (as usual). I had work, classes, PRSSA club meeting and PRSSA executive board meeting. I had the intent to go running after the meeting since i was so stressed out. I ended up going to the University village center and I used the elliptical for about 10 minutes. However, I stopped because I forgot my water bottle. So then I went back to my dorm and picked up my water bottle. By that time I wanted to the track. It was dark and windy but getting outside and running made me feel great. I ran for about 3 miles. It felt so good to feel the air though hair and the breeze on my face. When ever I go running I think about several different things. I think about counting each lap that I accomplish and then once I hit the half point, I start counting down. It makes me feel good.


Thursday, November 6, 2014


Today I had to study, work, class, events, and homework to do. By the time my day was done, it was about 11p.m. I know that our campus is safe but I really did not think that running at 11p.m. at night was a very good idea. By the time I had made up my mind of not working out, I was already getting ready to go to sleep and then thought of how I have those negative thoughts of not working out. On the bright side, I ate well today. I think even though I don’t work out, I still strive to eat well. I did not eat out or eat fast food today.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Today I had work and class. I also had my IPS meeting. I love the IPS group since it helps me stay on track with eating healthy foods and it makes me abstain from drinking alcohol/. I don’t drink alcohol but alcoholism is hereditary in my family. So I try to abstain from it so that I don’t become an alcoholic. I did go against my eating healthy goals today though. I drank 2 cups of coffee with extra creamer, two slices of pizza, one donut, one sausage biscuit, two eggos, and water. I also ended up not working out so I was super bad. I think I will let myself have that lovely cheat day but I will do better tomorrow.



Scholarly Journal Article Summary 1

Children’s understanding of family financial resources and their impact on eating healthily

This article explains how socioeconomic inequalities affect people’s eating habits. The study has gathered 53 children aged 9-10 years old. The scientists had observed the children interacting in “friendship groups, interviews, debates at school and individual interviews in the home, and analyzed thematically.” (Page 528) The point of these observations was to see how the children interpret (if at all) the influence that their parent’s economic situation has on the healthiness of the food that they purchase. Surprisingly, the children understood that nutrient-rich foods are commonly associated with high cost and visa versa for cheap low nutrient foods. I believe that this journal is innovative in the sense that when young adults and older think of changing their eating habits, they do not think about where these habits come from. In my opinion, they often think that habits are to be more action-planned based and looking towards the future plans rather than understanding the source of the bad habits. The understanding of where the habit comes from is important because then you will begin to fully understand what you need to do to change your eating habits.

This particular journal relates to my life style change because I had grown up in a family that was part of the lower-middle class bracket. I was used to eating foods that were cheap and unhealthy. I would eat chips, pasta, canned foods, soda, and sugar filled cereal. It knew that the food I ate was not necessarily the best food nor was it organic but it was sustainable. I had a perceived vision that eating organic food or healthy food in general was more for the people who can afford it. This often came with this connotation that eating healthy is for stuck-up rich people. I never sought out healthy cheap alternatives to pasta or chips because I wasn’t taught to. None of my teachers or friends would talk about eating healthy because they were eating the same foods that I would eat. It was normal to have friends and family to be obese. My family would tell me that eventually I would become “fat” too since it’s in my “genes”.

Also, when I was in school, I would participate in the free lunch program. This program was for students who came from low-income families. Based on the children’s financial situation, they may or may not qualify to participate in the program. The benefit of qualifying was that the student would be able to receive a free breakfast and lunch. The foods that were served for the program were interesting. Almost every day the cafeteria had fruit available for the program but the main meal was not as healthy. Pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and chicken sandwiches were always served as a “main item”. Majority of these main items were frozen, prepackaged, and prepared. I would see the foods on a daily basis and believed that eating this food is “normal.” Furthermore, due to me being raised on bad habits, it has been more of a struggle to change than I thought it would be. I came in with a mindset that the bad eating habits I had were fine. My family would encourage and reinforce these habits by saying, “I’d rather be happy eating this food than to be unhappy eating the (healthy) food.”

On another note, just as the children from the research project had thought that eating healthy was for the rich, my family had instilled this idea in me. I often thought that buying in bulk and having leftovers for the next day was habitual. I never sought alternative healthy foods that were cheaper nor did anyone educate me on these options. For example, my friend Porsha had showed me that Keenwa can be supplemented for a lot of different unhealthy foods.

To conclude, I have learned much from my health science class. I learned that I really do need to care about my health and learn that the eating habits I have developed from my childhood needs to be changed. I know it will not be an easy journey. I’m slowly but surely developing my self-efficacy.

Scholarly Journal Article Summary 2

Ultra-Marathon Runners Are Different: Investigations into Pain Tolerance and Personality Traits of Participants of the TransEurope FootRace 2009

During my project I have noticed that my favorite exercise is running. I wanted to see if my personality is affected by running or if running affects my personality. One of the scholarly journal articles I had read was the “Ultra-Marathon Runners Are Different: Investigations into Pain Tolerance and Personality Traits of Participants of the TransEurope FootRace 2009.” The purpose of this research is to identify whether or not “long-distance runners will have higher pain tolerance than controls”. (Wolfgang, 2012, 524)

The study had 67 professional long-distance runners as the variable group and 11 average people who were not long-distance runners for the control group. Both groups had taken a cold pressor test, temperament & character inventory test, and general self-efficacy test.

The CP test was designed to see the runner’s pain tolerance. Each participant had to put his or her hand in a bucket of cold 2ºC water for 3 minutes. If at any point the participant felt uncomfortable and wanted to take their hand out, they were more than welcome to do so. The researchers then analyzed the controlled group and the variable group. The groups had very different results. The variable group was “less cooperative” (Wolfgang, 2012, 527) and more goal-oriented. They had left their hand in the bucket longer than the control group. On the other hand, the control group had taken their hands out sooner and was less tolerant to pain. They also were more harm avoidant. I feel that this relates to my exercise goals because of the fact that when I use to be in peak shape in high school, I was very much goal-oriented and also tolerant of a lot of physical and mental pain. Now that I am trying to rekindle that distance-runner inside of me, I notice myself being more focused on the current pain while running rather than the goal.

The other test that the researchers had used was the TCI test. It was a test of the 7 dimensions of personality traits. Four of the temperaments that were highlighted in this test include: Novelty seeking, Harm Avoidance, Reward Dependence, and Persistence. The results of the variable group were not surprising. These particular participants were “less cooperative but more spiritually accepting and self-transcendent.” (Wolfgang, 2012, 527) The participants tended to not be harm avoidant and reward dependent. They were very open to adventures and exploration. I feel that this part of the journal related to me because the feeling of running is almost like a “high”. It makes me think of more than just being in my human body. It makes me think of how good running feels for the body, mind, and spirit. At times when I am running by myself on the track without my music, I feel closer to God. Therefore, I can definitely relate to the variable group and their predominant self-transcendence personality trait.

The last test that the participants had taken was the GSE test. This test was designed to make the participants think about their abilities, how they perform them, and to what performance level they hope to achieve. Some of the questions made the participants think about whether they would even accept challenges to their abilities in order to get better at them. However, the GSE did not show any significant correlation to whether or not long-distance runners had higher pain tolerance. This is due to the fact that the variable and control groups had similar test results. This further explains that humans are more complex. Just because you are a long-distance runner, this does not mean you have any more or any less self-efficacy. I believe that this part relates to me because of the fact that I have strong self-efficacy in some skills such as computer software and information technology and less self-efficacy in firearms and psychology.

To conclude, this article tough me that it is not necessarily running that will change your personality but how you thinking running that will change you.


Scholarly Journal Article Summary 3

Increasing Physical Exercise Levels

I had speculated how effective and precise my strategy plan to change my behavior is. I know that I had made my plan really vague. I wanted to work out for at least 30 minutes a day regardless of how early or late is was. However, I never really defined the intensity of the exercise nor sis I really specify a time to work out each day. One of the articles I wanted to choose was more related to how my age can affect my plans to have a behavioral change. I found this article, “ Increasing Physical Exercise Levels” which encompassed the study of differential age affects on physical exercise of two planning interventions.” (Scholz, page 851, 2007) I found it interesting how they had three different groups with participants that had a rage of ages from 38 to 82.

All participants had the risk of cardiovascular disease. The three different groups that the participants were put in include: control group, action planning and a combination of action planning with coping planning. Each group specifically focused on physical fitness in order to decrease the risk of heart disease.  The controlled group had to create their own individual plans to change their behavioral habits. All groups had self-efficacy in cooperated to their exercise plan. However, the intentions of changing and actually changing the exercise habit are completely different concepts. The action-planning group had to come up with a specific and concise. “Plus action planning studies have repeatedly shown that action planning leads to a higher likelihood that the behavior will be implemented than do good intentions alone.” (Gollwitzer & Sheeran, page 853, 2006) I believe this is very true. In my personal journals about my feelings towards the challenges of it, I have repeatedly said that I have many intentions of changing my health behavior but my plan is not as precise or specific of “when” I will do to change. It is ironic because I am very adamant about planning my days. I often tell people that I need to have at least a 24 hours notice of plans. On the contrary, when it came to me planning my exercise times, I do not prioritize the planning of it as much as I should. This may because I am still in the contemplation stage of the trans-theoretical theory.

In addition, the last group, which combines the action planning and cope planning, is the most effect group. Even more so, the older the participant was in any of the groups, the more likely they were to change; especially for the last group. The main reason why the older participants were more successful of changing their exercise their behavior is because they were more willing to overcome their physical “difficulties and barriers”. (Scholz, page 861, 2007) I find this part interesting because of the fact that younger people were more capable o changing because they are healthy and heal more quickly than the older participants.

Furthermore, I believe one of the most beneficial assets that were provided to the participants from the research project was that the researchers had the participants attend “educational courses on preventing CHD risk factors” and “stress management courses.” (Scholz, page 855, 2007) I think that this was helpful and relatable to my project because the more knowledge I acquire about changing my health behaviors, the more I am likely to change. Also, the more knowledge I get about my hereditary and demographic risks, the more I want to strive to change for the better. Although I am healthy, young person without cardiovascular risks, I feel that this article related to my project related to my project because it showed how my age influences my health behavioral change and the conciseness of my behavioral change plan.




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Urte Scholz, Falko F. Sniehotta, Silke Burkert, and Ralf Schwarzer. (2007). Increasing Physical Exercise Levels Age-Specific Benefits of Planning. Journal of Aging and Health. doi:10.1177/0898264307305207