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Argumentative Essay- Is the College worth it


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Argumentative Essay- Is the College worth it?

The end of the twentieth century and the onset of the twenty first century witnessed many changes in people’s perception and attitude towards life. One of the major changes was in the attitude people have towards formal education and its benefits and many started questioning the importance of the education offered to students especially in colleges. A considerable amount of this people believed that Colleges were of little benefit since they failed to offer the relevant training that can equip learners with the necessary skills to sustain a stable economy. However, the importance of colleges cannot be underestimated since they provide the right platform for transition from schooling to working and thus they are important in helping students not only in identifying their talents but also in pursuing them.-Is the College worth it

Research shows that majority of the most successful people in their careers either identified their passions or nurtured them in colleges. The main reason behind the observation is that colleges provide students with the necessary facilities and resources, both human and material for them to fully utilize their abilities. Since almost every learner wants to have a successful life and since majority of the college students are usually mature, they are normally self-motivated in investing in the future. They thus utilize their college time to learn about everything that is relevant to their careers hence forming the right foundation for successful careers. On the other hand, the students who fail to attend college may end up using this time engaging in unproductive activities such as drug abuse and the few who manage to utilize the time well will occasionally end up lacking some vital knowledge that may proof to be a major hindrance in the future career engagements.Many colleges usually have students and lecturers from diverse ethnic, religious, social and economic backgrounds. They thus create the right atmosphere for learners to appreciate other -Is the College worth it