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The film is a musical and fantasy that is intertwined of several fairy tales and and the original story of a baker who was childless and his wife who had been cursed by their witch neighbor.



The play, Into the Woods was adapted into a film in 2014 by James Lapine. The film received three academic awards nominations at the 87th academic awards including Streep winning the nomination of best supporting Actress, as well as three Golden Globe award nominations. The film genre is Musical and Fantasy; it is intertwine of several fairy tales and the original story of a childless Baker and his wife who have been cursed by their neighbor who is a Witch…………………………..

The film is about the wish granted to the characters, their choices and consequences to each wish. The Baker and his wife wish to have a child thus they could do anything to reverse the curse placed upon them. The Witch asked for four ingredients which are; A cape as red as blood, a cow as white as milk, hair as yellow as corn and a slipper as pure as gold in order to break the Bakers curse. Cinderella wants to go to the Kings festival but his stepmother and sisters won’t allow her, so she went into the woods to……………….

Jack wished that his cow would give milk as his old mother wanted it sold since it no longer gives milk. Jack started his journey through the woods to the market to sell the cow so that they can survive. Little red riding hood coming from buying the burns and pies for her Grandmother meet a wolf in the woods………………….

The Baker and his wife happened to come across Jack and his cow, the exact cow that the Witch had requested, so the wife successfully persuaded Jack to sell the cow for five magic beans. At home Little red riding hood was swallowed by the wolf luckily the Baker came to their rescue thus the Baker was given the red cape as sign of gratitude……………………..

The Giant lands on the Kingdom to take revenge on Jack who had killed the giant wife, in the process of revenge; Rapunzel is crushed by the giant. The Baker’s wife is also crushed in the woods by the giant after she had romance with the prince……………..