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My interviewer was a male Arab ESL learner. He is in his level three of ESL in the Murray State University. I asked him questions to know what role the internet was playing in his learning of English as a second language, the challenges, advantages and effectiveness. We met at one of the university classes during a free time and I went on with the INTERVIEW REPORT.

I asked him how long he had been in the US, he told me three years. Then I inquired whether he liked communicating and writing in English. His response was very positive. “I love communicating in English. I text my friend here in US with English and we chat mostly in English. I even send my mails in English. I am looking forward to even open a blog in English with wordpress.”

I also wanted to know if he uses the internet as a tool for improving his English. Many ESL learners in college all over the world, use the internet in learning second and foreign language. He was not an exception. He said, “I use the internet daily. I read internet articles in English and write down new vocabulary. I also go to sites that teach Basic English. In fact, I even watch YouTube channels on learning and improving my English. Therefore, the internet plays a very major role in improving my English.”

However, his journey in the internet was also facing some challenges. “At times I am confused on which information to look for. There are many information out there in English. Some contain hard vocabularies and confusing words that I sometimes end up confused.” He said. “Besides, most people internet resources assume that you know English and it is not your second language. Another thing is that some English spoken by the natives is so fastspoken that hearing is difficult.”

So I wanted to know if using the internet has really been effective in enhancing his English reading and writing. His answer was affirmative. I sought to know if he would advise on using the internet as a tool of enhancing Saudi ESL students writing skill. “Any day.” He