Buy Existing Paper - Interview report


  1. I interviewed James Okoth, who comes from Kenya. He is a male supermarket attendant who hails from Kenya  and has been working in the United States  for the last ten years. He is 33 years old and as a young family. He is married with two kids a girl and a boy who are aged 5 and 3 years respectively. According to Okoth, he has been able to use his employment as a supermarket attendant to support his family. Okoth is  son of parents who were immigrants. His parents moved to the United States when he was a teenage at the age of 16. Ever, since he has been living in the United State and he relishes every moment that he spends in this country. As mentioned his parents are not natives to the United States and just like many people from Africa his parents were immigrants. They got lucky and acquired a Green Card which allowed them to come to the United States  and start working. His parents were Christians and as such he was brought in Christianity. He is a Christian and his family is also deeply rooted into Christianity.
  2. He still practices his faith and every Sunday he goes to church where he worships together with his family. He attends the Jubilee Christian Church where he serves as a youth pastior. Being in the United States has not affected the way he practices Christianity. H has been attending church every Sunday since he came to the United States. Church also serves as a good place where he meets his friends and also offers him an opportunity of creating new friendships. Unlike in his home country, Kenya, he finds that practicing Christianity in the United States is different. In kenya , he could see that there were worship groups which used to take place at people’s homes. This was during weekdays and therefore church members had more opportunities of worshipping together before the normal church service on Sunday. However, in the United States, he has to wait until Sunday in order to worship . There are no weekday worship days. Okoth, says that it is more challenging to practice his religion in the United States since the people are  not as close as he used to see back in his home country. This lack of togetherness makes it hard to have cohesion in church which is necessary to practice the faith.
  3. His aspirations are to climb through the ladder of employment. He wants to become a manager in the company and is living the American dream. He is working hard on daily basis and he believes just like many other people that hard work pays. He also wants to raise a family and see his granddaughters and grandsons.  He wants to have strong ties with his  family just like  the way his parents raised him and his other two brothers. He wants to instill the same family values into his children and thus raising them with discipline and respect to other people. According to me, his aspirations are the same like other Americans. He wants to raise a family that respects other people. Just like other Americans, he believes that hard work pays and every morning he wakes up to report to his place of work and earn a living for himself and his family. Regardless of his faith, his aspirations resonates well with all the other Americans.  The American dream is held dearly by all the Americans and whether they are Christians, Muslims or from any other religion they all have the aspirations of living the American dream.
  4. Okoth told me that his great fears are first working and being unable to meet all the needs of his small family. He dreads of a day when he will go to work but the wages or salary that he gets will not be able to support his family.  This fear is not unique to Okoth since no one would want to be in the same position.  The political temperature in the country is also something that bothers him. The way the president of the United States, Donald Trump, was speaking about immigrants unsettles him. Being a son of immigrants anything that touches on immigration and immigrants affects him. When the head state talks adversely about immigrants it puts him off since he thinks he can start having hard time due to the way immigrants are perceived. Politics in the United States play an important role in ensuring that there is peace and tranquility.  Therefore Okoth always feels comfortable when the president in power does not talk ill about immigrants and their children.