Interview of Cindy Bi

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Interview of Cindy Bi

Cindy Bi is a work colleague of mine from the People’s Republic of China. As an accounting technician at the Veteran Affair Medical Centre in Salem, Virginia, Cindy and I get to interact a lot at the workplace where I am a pay technician. I chose her for this interview primarily due to my interest in Chinese culture, an interest…………

One key lesson that I learnt from this interview is that there are certain subtle differences between China and America that are observed on a daily basis. For instance, Cindy pointed out that while Americans are used to conducting their commercial transactions using credit cards, the Chinese mainly use cash for purchases and other transactions. It is therefore not uncommon to find people in China walking around……….

An inevitable aspect of the interview was the issue of racial discrimination; an issue that is at the core of cross-cultural relations. Ever since coming to the United States, Cindy has been subject to varied acts of discrimination and stereotyping. She recalls an instance where some of the people at her workplace thought she worked in the IT department…..

The second stereotype that Cindy has had to deal with is the belief that most Chinese are closet communists who have negative feelings about everything capitalism. This is an erroneous belief that permeates a significant portion of American society………..

positive aspect of Cindy’s American experience lies in the fact that she has had the opportunity to interact with a diverse pool of people. This opportunity arises out of America’s reputation as a hotbed…….

Research indicates that this policy has produced certain negative outcomes, one of which is a decline in female births owing to sex-selective abortions (Hesketh, Lu, & Xing, 2005). Since parents are allowed to have another child in case the first born is a girl, many parents will choose to terminate the second pregnancy if the sex of the baby is determined………….