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Instructional Design and Technology in Healthcare

Currently instructional design is used in medical schools for learning purposes. In healthcare however, it promises a brighter future. Instructional design and technology has a future in addressing specific problems. Nurses are required to update their education consistently. Their work hours however are long and tedious and they are left with little time for their personal lives let alone study. Hospitals in the future can use instructional design to create personalised learning experiences. They may establish individual programs for specialised nurses and what they want to learn. Hospitals can also identify a group of nurses that need to further their skills and design a program where they can do so together.

In healthcare currently all medical students do not use the same instructional design. This may be a challenge when they meet in the workplace and need to work together. In the future, medical schools need to be on the same page on the use of instructional design and technology. This way, students in the practising field can help each other learn from the same model.Instructional Design and Technology in Healthcare

In the present, most hospitals contract instructional design consultants. In the future, the healthcare industry may need to train personalised instructional design experts. Healthcare professionals with a background in instructional design and technology may design proper hospital programs compared to the non-medical experts.

Finally, instruction is not needed for medical students and professionals only. Patients also need instruction on how best to manage their conditions. Hospitals also often have forums to educate the public on health matters. Patients and the public in the future can also benefit from instructional design and technology by special programs designed only for them. These programs would help health professional have less work when preparing to instruct patients and the public on improved health.Instructional Design and Technology in Healthcare