Instruction for Writing a Summary: “From Among the Thugs



Instruction for Writing a Summary: “From Among the Thugs”


To prepare the essay:

  1. Read the piece (essay) several times.
  2. Section the essay, writing down the paragraph number for each section.
  3. Complete sectioning by writing down the topic, the main point, and at least one detail for each section. Then work on the thesis.
  4. Important: Be flexible: If you need to change what you originally wrote, this is part of the important work sectioning.


—Ready to Write—


Write 1- Page, double-spaced, typed (12 pt. font) Summary:


  1. Begin by introducing the essay, naming author tittle.
  2. State the essay’s overall thesis.
  3. Write down the main point of each section (OMIT paragraph numbers here).
  4. Add a clear detail or example, if available, for each section.
  5. Reread and rewrite to make sure that the summary is clear.
  6. Proofread for spelling, grammar. Spell-check.
  7. Add transitions (See handout)
  8. Make corrections and rewrite where necessary to improve flow between sentences.


Total Points: 100 Points

Time Line: Tuesday 11/28- Essay Summary is due



Transitions for Summary

Possible transitions between sections:

*Note: Any of these transitions can be used for any author or in another assignment where transitions are helpful. Also use your Summary Template from They Say / I Say for more information.


  1. Bill Bufford begins by arguing that
  2. He furthers states that
  3. Bill Bufford wants us that
  4. He suggests that
  5. Finally, he convinces us that
  6. That is why he insists that
  7. Therefore, he believes that
  8. As a result of this, he feels that
  9. He urges us to see that
  10. Furthermore, Reed strongly believes that because of ________.
  11. He tells us that
  12. He is concerned that
  13. He wants us to know that
  14. He wants us to consider that

Instruction for Writing a Summary: “From Among the Thugs






Summary Essay Rubric

Writer’s Name:_______________

1.      Did you use the name of the author and tittle of the essay? Yes / No
2.      Did you explicitly state overall thesis? Yes / No
3.      Did you state the main point of this essay? Yes / No
4.      Ddi you include a specific details from this essay? Yes / No
5.      Are there smooth transitions between ideas and details to the next? Did you omit paragraph numbers? Yes / No
6.      Is the summary clear overall? Did the writer proofread for mistakes and unclear sentences?       Yes / No
Comments: Total: ____/100