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Innovator Globalization Research Project

 Deliverable:  Your project is to research the challenges, opportunities and strategies for an Inland Empire business in broadening their value proposition through strategic growth in a new, global marketplace.   The findings of your project will be shared with the community, and you will have an opportunity to participate in the Global Access Program conference and poster presentations.   The conference is scheduled 8 am to 1.30 pm on June 5th, Wednesday, Yasuda Center.   Panelists will speak from 8.30 am to 11.30 am, on China, the Philippines, India and South Korea.  Poster presentations are scheduled 11.30 pm to 12.30 pm (with cash award of $500 for the best poster presentation in-person).  Lunch is scheduled 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm, with a speaker on blockchain and logistics strategy.

Innovator Globalization Research Project

Guidelines: A written group report and a group presentation are expected.  The written group report of about 3000 words (excluding appendices and references), in addition to proper style, must be typed, with pages numbered and appropriate headings.  The report is based on both secondary research using library and reliable internet resources, as well as primary research, in terms of making contact with specialized experts, government agencies, and/or businesses (optional).  Make sure to apply the relevant course concepts while writing your report. All exhibits must be integrated within the report, numbered consecutively, with appropriate format, headings and labels, and clear acknowledgement of the data sources.  References should be in the APA format.

Each group will be responsible for researching and developing a globalization plan for an innovative Inland Empire business from a chosen sector category.

Each group should shortlist five companies for which it wishes to develop an innovative growth strategy through in-depth research of potential partner organizations in a target market.     This shortlist should be from the list of Inland Empire manufacturer exporters, in the Blackboard course materials module 1.   Each group will be assigned either an actual client or one of the firms chosen from the shortlist.  The group will also be assigned one of the four nations for developing the strategy of a chosen company: China, the Philippines, India and South Korea.   You will be developing strategy for your assigned firm with respect to that nation.

The objective of the report is to conduct research on the strategies of various potential partner organizations in the target market, in order to identify how those will fit in the overall strategic growth puzzle solution for your assigned company.   As a general guideline, for steps 1-4, you will identify four different firms as a potential partner and analyze the strategy of that firm using the course materials for the associated module.    For step 7, you will identify four additional firms for partnership, who could range from those locally owned and within that sector and nation, to any foreign firm that operates in that nation, or in the region where that nation is, or in other nations.    Each of these different types of firms could be of potential value for you as a partner.


Grammar and structure:

Your report should have

    1. A provocative title that clearly and concisely conveys the focus of your paper and engages the interest of your audience.
    2. A strong thesis statement that makes a clear provocative claim in response to your research question.  It is uniquely your claim.
    3. Strong topic sentences that make a clear, provocative sub-claim of the thesis and organize the body paragraphs.
    4. Specific examples from your research that you carefully analyze to support your claims.
    5. A developed exposition based upon a few good examples, rather than a list of unanalyzed details or mere information summary.
    6. Effective incorporation of sources with accurate representations of their views and a clear, controlling role for your own voice in the conversation
    7. A coherent analysis with a logical progression held together by strong transitions.
    8. Correct APA citation format and Works Cited list
    9. Clear and correct diction, punctuation, and grammar.

Innovator Globalization Research Project


Format of the Report

* Step 0.  (cultural context).  Opportunities for Strategic Management.  Introduction to the client, to the nation, why nation makes sense for the client’s business, and SHEENY capabilities and challenges in the local nation for the client related businesses


  • PART I• Strategy Taking: Alternative generation and assessment

o          Step 1 (planning).  Planning GUIDER (unique) opportunities in the local market, that have had zero sigma impact on your business until now.    Identify stakeholders involved in that zero sigma opportunity (GUIDER firm and customer profile)

o          Step 2 (programming). Programming one sigma strengths in the local market.  Use Blue ocean strategy framework, using four actions, to transform the zero sigma opportunity using a local entrepreneurial leadership linkage.  How to help local firms in step 1 transform their business strategy? What transformed product stream can you create, through networking a local entrepreneurial leader firm who may benefit from that partnership?

o          Step 3 (performing).  Performing the six sigma transformation of the local resource value chain you have created in steps 1 and 2.  How to use your networks with local domestic firms as catalyst to attract local MNC six sigma firms for upgrading linkages?   What core competency can you create that will attract those global six sigma firms?

o          Step 4 (profiting).  What new technologies are emerging and led by a global infinite  sigma firm based in the local nation? How to profit from norming your core competence (from steps 1 -3) with this new technology through partner linkages?

Innovator Globalization Research Project

PART II•           Strategy Making: Decision making

o          Step 5 (developing).  How will you norm the 9 M functional strategies of your four partners to accelerate your growth.  How will you trade followership (manipulating) power? – i.e. identify what functional strategy you will norm from which of the four partners.   How will you service leadership (motivating) power? – how will you apply these functional strategies to your custom shop developed in steps 1-4.  How will you service entrepreneurship (manufacturing) power? – how will you enhance your core competence using your client’s home capabilities.  How will you service marketing power – what will be your customer profile.  How will you service material power, manpower, machinery power, method power and manpower – how will make your client’s home business resources cost-effective using local partner alternatives?

o          Step 6 (transforming).  Corporate-effects – How will you transform five forces and complementor linkages?   Analyze five forces and complementors locally and their powers.  Group-effects – How will you norm a new strategic group?  Analyze existing strategic groups locally.  Geography-effects – How will you form a new geography diamond?  Analyze the four diamond conditions locally.

o          Step 7. (designing alternatives). Develop white ocean strategy for the business model designed in steps 1-6, by identifying specific linkages with additional local zero and global hero firms, in order to network relevant SHEENY capabilities from the respective strategic groups and geography diamonds


PART III•         Strategy Managing: Context shaping 

o          Step 8. (execution).  Identify GUIDER values for localizing your technological investment within the local geography.  THINK GE in Asia – low gender egalitarianism, low institutional compliance.  How will you engage with these unique local conditions as a responsible citizen? In other words, Create yellow ocean strategy.   Identify appropriate execution (governance) plan in the form of corporate strategy, with appropriate strategic linkages (i.e. corporate controls)

o          Step 9. (visioning). Critical success factors for your business model.   Critical growth options for future business model.    Four scenarios of the green ocean strategy.     Accountability plan for actualizing visioning: Sequence in which you will develop the four scenarios (e.g. 1-2-3-4).  Contingency plan – Alternative sequence in which you will develop the four scenarios, if the future changes (e.g. 1-3-2-4)


Note: Parts 0/I and Part II are each expected to be about 1200 words each.  Part III is expected to be about  600 words.