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Initial Bargaining Proposals Fixed Wage


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Initial Bargaining Proposals

Fixed Wage

In the recent past, fixed-wages compensation index for -term employment contracts have been endorsed by companies due to institutional, technological and economic negative impacts; WIU is no exception. Due to poor absorption rate and low demand for labor, most of the corporate bodies have opted to reduce the cost of salaries, wages…………


As under the Articles XIV of the company’s memorandum, the company, and the unions has entered into a legal contractual agreement that describes discrimination as, prima facie, by a face of ite illegal. No employees must be prejudiced………..

Payment of insurance premiums

The company will be obligated to pay only 80% of total premiums payable by its employees. The contract is only valid for employees who have completed 90 days of employment and who is legitimately registered with the company’s group programs under…………

Pension adjustment plan

The Pension adjustment plan is the value of the compensation an employee would earn in every month above the nominal value employment compensation. The negotiating unit of the company has offered a part of this contract; thus, retirement benefit for all years of service would be $30 per month per year of service. This relates to a……..

Medical Leave Adjustment

The insured parties must request such request provided they do that in utmost good faith. The employees’ health must constitute a critical health complication that must be validated by a valid note from a licensed doctor; otherwise such requests………

Sick leave

The sick leave is accorded and limited 1 to 3 working days. This relates to employees who have been into the employment contract with the company within a period of the 1-3 year of service. The company also reserves the right………..