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Individual Internet Reflection Assignment Chapter 4: Consumer Behavior


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Individual Internet Reflection Assignment

Chapter 4: Consumer Behavior

According to my VALS survey results, I belong to the Experiencers category of consumers. I agree with this assessment……….

By understanding the psychological inclinations of different consumers as revealed by the VALS assessment mechanism, marketers can tailor their advertising methods in such a manner as to best…….

VALS information would be particularly useful in the marketing of designer clothing, vacation solutions and software products. This is because the consumption patterns of these items are……..

Advertisers could use VALS to design marketing campaigns that employ the necessary tools required to capture the targeted audiences’ imagination and speak to their needs. This would ensure enhanced………….

The first major difference is the fact that business customers have a dedicated website designated just for them, a feature that is not observed for end users. Secondly, business customers enjoy a lower price regime on their purchases. This ultra low price offer is not extended for end……….

In this case the buying center is likely to comprise the Purchasing Manager, the IT Manager, the Financial Controller and the Representative for the end users. The role of user may be taken up by the Representative and the IT Manager since they would have direct interaction with……….

PHI may, as part of its sales pitch, emphasize on its reliability and efficiency during the course of the existing business relationship with the client. It should make it clear that it is fully intent on extending these attributes to any………

B2B customers rarely make business decision on the basis of emotion. However, the emotion factor cannot be totally discounted when such decisions are viewed from the point of view of an individual member of the buying centre. It is conceivable that individual members of the……..