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Indirect Approach is presenting bad news

Indirect Approach is presenting bad news in a friendlier manner. It is recommended for negative responses and bad news because it considers the feelings or a reader. A buffer is an opening statement which presents the subject of a message but does not give away the bad news. It is strategic because while it is relevant to the topic of the message, it is neutral and shows consideration for the receiver of bad news. The consideration is done by giving them an opportunity to prepare for bad news rather than disappoint them instantly. I want to be perceived by my audience as objective and one giving a reasonable reason for the negative news. In my response, I want to avoid making the bad news worse by using unpleasant words like ‘unfortunately’, or presenting the bad news like it is good news. A ‘forward looking conclusion’ is some positive news that my benefit the reader as a result of bad news. It is achieved by using words that focus on what you can do for the reader. It is possible to be positive in bad news by using appropriate language.

The recommended pattern for refusing a request is develop a working strategy of what and how to deliver the refusal, set up a buffer to soften the bad news, present reasons leading to the refusal. Be positive with words, offer an alternative if possible and finally end with goodwill. Delivering bad news is a sign of leadership because it shows one can be positive in any situation. An adjustment is a refused request to fix something. To refuse an adjustment, one needs to set up a buffer, provide an objective explanation for the refusal, state an alternative, close with goodwill. Breaking a negative announcement is not different from delivering bad news. To break a negative announcement, one needs to determine strategy, set up a buffer, present justification for bad news, state benefits and close positively. It is appropriate to be direct when negative news is expected, when new benefits are in the offer and when a remedy to bad news is available.Indirect Approach is presenting bad news

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The value of writing an angry letter is that it helps one to express their bitterness and then cool off in the process and rethink those words. Catharsis is the process of realising strong emotions to gain relief or to cool off from anger. Cooling off is better because it helps a person to strategize what they need to say and how to salvage a situation. Recanting a statement is embarrassing. I have regreted one message I sent in a fit of anger. I have never written an angry letter and waited to cool down and then send it anyway. There is a difference between the analogue era and the digital era because in the old era, one could tear off a paper once they could down or regretted their words. The process of sending a letter was also tedious and thus one would have the time to think about it. Today, you only need to be very angry, write something down and send it at a click of a button. While in the old days the letter could not be anonymous. Today people hide behind the internet and write anonymous things. People today are however not so lucky because the internet never forgets and technology such as screen shots can store the information and make the sender regret their words or pay dearly for them.Indirect Approach is presenting bad news