Indian culture

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Indian culture


  • Specific purpose: the diverse culture of the Indian Community.
  • Central idea: The diversity in culture can be attributed to the fact that the culture of India has often been identified to be an amalgamation of different cultures.
  1. Religious Culture

Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism

  1. Family Structure

Extended Family Structure, Arranged marriages.

  1. Cultural Festivals

National; Independence Day, the Republic Day and the Gadhi Jayanti.

Religious; Hindu festivals of Navratri, Puja, Holi, Onam, Vasant and Ugadi, Chrismas and Eid.

Harvest; Makar, Pongal and Sankranti.

  1. Cultural Food

The Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western and the North-eastern cuisines.

  1. Cultural Clothing






Indian culture

Culture can be generally defined as the way of living of a particular community or group of people who share a common ancestry. This often includes the different aspects of language, religions, music, food, and customs among many other unique attributes that constitute the way of life of a particular society. My informative speech is aimed at informing my audience about the very diverse culture of the Indian community. This simply means that the Indian culture differs from place to place within the country. This diversity in culture can be attributed to the fact that the culture of India has often been identified to be an amalgamation of different cultures and is also believed to be among the oldest global cultures in the world. As an expert in the study of global cultures and intercultural communication, my speech will encompass different aspects of the Indian culture. This information could be very important to every individual because of the skills that can be used in intercultural communication. …….


            Indians religious practices is among the key impacts that has shaped the culture of India as a unique community. The Dharmic religions of the Indian community is responsible for determining the language, literature and clothing practices of the community. This is because, the Indian community is responsible for the start and growth of the three major Indian religions. This religions include Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism. The religious practices of the Indian community like the Indian culture in general, has a diverse effect all over the globe. This is evident as today, the Hindu religion is the third world’s largest religion globally and the Buddha religion the fourth largest global religion with over two billion active followers. The culture of India can therefore be identified to be diverse culture that has managed to affect a great aspect of the world in general. Together with the global effect, the diversity of the Indian religious culture can be identified from the number of religious societies that play a great role in the lives of the Indian community. …..