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Importance of Studying Management


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Importance of Studying Management

Management, quite a daily used term all over the world! In the modern society we live in, several activities are carried out day in day out the success of which, depends on each factor involved but some factors prevailing over others matters preference. It is in such a case that management comes in. Management is basically the skill of getting these things done smoothly in an organization, in which the society is largely dependent on the success and quality of these organizations. Management skills are not innate but rather cultivated through a series of events which involve learning, real life experience and practice. In a management class, the learner is expected to learn several things at the end of the course; importance of human resource and labour factors, general management and strategy, policies and practices among others……….Importance of Studying Management

A lot has changed in the recent years with regards to how several activities are normally carried out. Management as a process and an activity has witnessed a commendable evolution. Gone are the days a manager’s roles used to be just directing and controlling how things are done. To begin with, management is quite a pervasive field. It is required in all types of organizations regardless of their nature (Easterby‐Smith, Mark, Isabel, Prieto, 245). It is therefore important to note that, as a manager, one should be privy to their field of work and the specifications for the smooth running of the particular organization. In addition to the main roles of a manager; controlling, staffing, organizing, directing and planning, s/he should be in a position to carry out the other jobs done in the particular organization. Ultimately, the manager should together with the group, work in unison to achieve the already pre-set group goals.Generally, management is inclined to groups and much less concerned with an individual, thus, the view of the manager as the only who has the only say and knowledge on how to run well the organization has been phased out and instead, the organizations are ado……………Importance of Studying Management