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Importance of People Having Access to Education



Importance of People Having Access to Education


When it comes to my studies, I will always be grateful to my parents for the opportunity they offered me, seeing me through elementary school through to high school. Though this wasn’t easy, the fact that my mom worked as a certified medical practitioner at Putnam General Hospital and my father, an accountant at the local firm, Sprayberry & Co – Certified Public Accountants both in Eatonton, Georgia helped a lot. Though struggling, they could limit expenditures on every monthly earnings to create savings and pay for my fees. Having taken a student loan, they have also managed to make the step to pay for my undergraduate degree, however expensive, at the University of Georgia where I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Information technology. However, I am currently looking for a minimum wage job to earn and help them offset my remaining fees and educate my younger siblings as well.  I understand they have made tremendous sacrifices to help me realize my dream though they keep reminding me it’s their moral obligation and responsibility.Importance of People Having Access to Education

I believe having access to education not only opens your mind to a world of invaluable information but also helps you say competitive in a fast-changing world. From the uncomfortable memories of getting up early morning during summer to overcoming college life, about graduate; it has been a journey of attainment. Education helps individuals develop a broad perspective on life as they can shape their opinions rationally whenever interpreting issues in society. Gaining an education is today’s the world empowers minds to play a significant role across the professions. As our country seeks new opportunities for sustainable development, a skilled human resource is the most significant driver of this initiative to reduce poverty and improve American living standards for quality of life and a prosperous future.Importance of People Having Access to Education