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Imperialism left a lasting legacy that lives up to date. Colonialization of different parts of the world and especially Africa left huge marks that will never be rubbed.  Through imperialism powerful countries such as Britain, Germany, France, and Portugal among others divided and subdivided parts of a continent like a cake among themselves. Imperialism left both positive and negative effects that affect the people even today.

To begin with, imperialism left Christianity in different countries especially in Africa continent. Before there was any form of interaction between the Europeans and Africans, Africans used to practice their traditional African religion. However, the arrival of missionaries, which preluded imperialism, changed the whole story around worshipping in Africa as well as in other countries in Asia. Missionaries started converting people to Christianity. When they travelled back to Europe, they told stories of far off countries that were rich in natural resources. This was the catalyst needed to push imperialism. In no time more missionaries were sent by their respective churches and they succeeded in converting more people to their religion. Those converted to Christianity were given Christian names such as Joseph, John, and Mark and so on. They worked with missionaries to see that more and more people were converted. Christianity is the dominant religion in the countries found in Sub-Sahara Africa. For example, the majority of People in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia, and South Africa among other countries identify themselves as Christians. Children born are given Christian or Western names the moment they are born. Very few people practice traditional African religion and they do this in secrecy. Those who try to practice such religion are seen as outcasts, are often accused of bewitching others, and are lynched. This shows how imperialism changed the way people used to worship. They left their gods and way of worshiping to adopt the European God and way of worshiping.Imperialism left a lasting legacy

Another legacy of imperialism is that it led to development of new country borders. Before European stepped into continents such as Africa and Asia, there were no demarcations separating one nation to another. The whole Africa was like a one big country that was composed of many communities and societies. People were divided according to tribes, communities, and clans. A certain religion of the continent would be dominated by a certain tribe and within such a region, there were different parts allocated to clans that made the tribe. Even with imperial borders, this is still evident as some tribes are found across borders of countries. For example, the Maasai community is found in both Kenya and Tanzania. Imperialism divided such a community as some members of the community found themselves in one country while others in another country. This is common across countries where same tribe is found in different countries. During scramble for Africa, European powers paid little or no attention to the needs of different communities, for example, where they occupied. The new borders drawn by the European powers divided people and created animosity between communities. Today there are endless community crashes because of these borders. In Sudan, for instance, there was constant war as people from different religions, tribes, and clans found themselves sharing one country. This was a perfect mix for war, which eventually gave birth to a new country, South Sudan.Imperialism left a lasting legacy

Finally, imperialism contributed to infrastructure development of the countries colonized in both Asia and Africa. Despite exploiting natural resources from these countries, European rulers managed to building railways, roads, schools, hospitals, and institutions of higher learning in their colonies. Today people in these countries still enjoy the benefits of these schools, hospitals, railways among others that were built by their colonial masters. Some countries such DRC Congo have poor roads since the ones built by their Belgium colonial masters have been destroyed by the elements of weather.