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Immunization in Australia
Immunization is the process in which a vaccine is administered to individuals to see to it that they become immune to diseases. The introduction of the Maternal Immunization program in Australia in 1997 saw to it that the immunization rates increased substantially in the country. The Australian Childhood Immunization Register plays a role in ensuring that immunization coverage levels……………..

Overview of the rates

In 1997, Australia witnessed an adjustment in its health sector. The introduction of the Maternity immunization allowance saw to it that the rates of the childhood immunization increased by a great margin. In this case, the fully immunized children are those that undergo vaccination and are monitored on how they react to the vaccination (Hull, Deeks, & McIntyre, 2009)…………….

Market failure and government solution

Market failure arises when the demand for the goods fails to meet the supply of the same goods. In this case, the aspect of immunization is brought to focus. Hence, in most cases, the government through the health sector…………….

Unstable markets

The unstable markets will occur as a result of lack of equilibrium in the market. Those firms that get the tender to supply the drugs end……….

Monopoly market

In this case, the markets fail to control the,,,,,,,

Information failure

Sometimes the markets fail to provide enough information to the consumers. Hence, the consumers end up mission on the important…………..

Control measures

Through government intervention, the problem of market failure can be addressed. The government of Australia needs to take the burden of ensuring that monopoly markets are eradicated(Winston, 2006)………..

those markets that seem to be under-performing.

Critical analysis

The government of Australia has come up with policies that are aimed at ensuring that each and every child that is below the age of seven……………


Clearly, the rates of immunization in Australia are on the rise. It is expected that in the futures, the country will see to it that all children below……….