The article talks about the immigration of different communities in to the united states in late 1800’s-1900’s which caused the change of culture and religion in the states.

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The studies show that in early 1800s, the United States was largely populated with people from Northern and western European who were said to be the natives of the United States. They were the Protestants in religion and had their cultures as Protestants. The immigrants started moving to the United States in 1800’s- 1900’s and most of them moved with their cultures and religions to the United States. As a result of a large number of immigrants into the states, the natives became suspicious that their religion and culture could change due to the large number of immigration in to the states. While in the states the immigrants redeveloped their religion gradually and some in secret like the Muslims and other African slaves practiced their faith in secret and passed them to their children. The chines who are the Buddhists converted some of the natives in joining their religion as Buddhists……………..

By definition outsiders refers to immigrants coming to the United States, and when their differences no longer affects the way they interact with others, they become insiders. The groups whose families have spent many years in America are bound to feel both as insiders and outsiders as well. The insiders spoken about are those early immigrants who arrived in America before 1800’s such as the Northern and Southern Europeans and acquired citizenship as the Americans. The insiders are those immigrants who are able to take part in shared language, and can take part in discussions with others that shapes their lives such as economic, social, and political. They have perception of inclusion by the large society and are at times not only tolerated as residence…………….

The American democratic beliefs affected the insiders and outsiders in a number of ways. The nativists wanted to reduce the number of immigrants, so they came up with literacy test to eliminate the immigrants who couldn’t read and write their own foreign language. This test was mostly to affect those whose emigration started twenty year ago and grown rapidly to enormous proportions…………………………