Are Immigration Policies Good?

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English 95 (30 & 37)
Professor V. Reyes
Expressive Essay
Writing an Expressive Essay
At times you will be asked to write an essay that expresses a thought, feeling, or reflection. Many times this kind of essay asks you to reflect on your life and relate a story about something that had a profound influence on you. According to Rodger Kamenetz, author of The Jew in the Lotus and Terra Infirma, “In Jewish tradition, stories are a way of changing people. If you tell the right story to the right person at the right moment it can transform them. The great rebbes (a teacher in a Jewish school) are traditionally great storytellers. They look at you and determine which story they need to tell you to change your life.” Expressive essays, then, strive to inspire transformation in ourselves and in our readers.
Tips for Writing Expressive Essays
The point of an essay like this is not to fit your feelings into a formula thesis and then prove your feelings in the body of your paper. Instead, you want to communicate a dominant impression of something personal.
You will, however, want to have some type of organizational structure so that your readers understand why they are reading your essay.
In addition, you should lead them through your thoughts and impressions without losing them.
You will probably use examples, narration, and description in an essay like this, although you may use other development strategies as well.
Many photographers photograph the same outdoor scene at different times of the day to capture the mood that the natural light creates. The words you choose and the way you construct your sentences and paragraphs are the tools you use to paint mood and feeling into your essay.
Carefully chosen details, then, are important components of the Expressive essay. Your main purpose is to leave an impression.



English 95 (30 & 37) Professor V. Reyes Essay 3
For this assignment, you will write an Argument with elements of Compare-Contrast essay. It must be 3+ pages. Remember to type your essay (Times New Roman or Arial .12 font) and keep it double-spaced. You are highly encouraged to do prewriting and write an outline. Finally, make sure you use proper heading, title, and staple your essay. For Peer Review, bring 2 copies of your essay and 1 peer review sheet.
1. In “Two Ways to Belong,” Bharati Mukherjee discusses immigration in relation to her sister, Mira, and Bharati’s experiences. Think about this issue and the current climate in the United States. How do you feel about it? Determine your position on the topic. Think about this: How does it compare and/or contrast to Mukherjee’s experiences? Do you find similarities and/or difference to those experiences in relation to today’s immigrant experiences? Write an argument that encompasses key aspects of this topic as discussed in class.
Note: You have several questions in this prompt; think of our class discussion and consider those points for supporting your position.



Are Immigration Policies Good?

The issue of immigration has become controversial in the United States. It is one of the key points that presidential hopefuls have to address to appeal to U.S voters. Most people assert that the American immigration system is broken and in need of an overhaul. Current estimates of illegal immigrants in the U.S stand at 11 million (OECD). Most employers prefer them because they do not demand the high wages legal aliens and Americans demand. The Obama administration has given most of the undocumented immigrants a path to American citizenship because they believe they have a significant role to play in the American economy (OECD). However, some issues such as the denial of government benefits to legal aliens threaten to erode the belief in the American system. Some of the immigrants feel betrayed by such acts of oppression. Therefore, this paper analyzes the issue of immigration in America in the premises of the story “Two Ways to Belong,” by Bharati Mukherjee. The paper argues that instituting such laws is wrong and robs legal immigrants of their right and betrays the foundations of this country.

Many people believe that immigration results in an influx of low-skilled workers. Most employers prefer these low skilled workers because they demand low wages, unlike American citizens that demand high salaries. Therefore, most American citizens lack jobs because of the immigrants. However, it should be noted that immigrants comprise more than 12 percent of the American population (OECD). In this respect, they have a significant effect on the American economy. A look at the character of Mira and Bharati reveals that both characters are an important part of the labor market. Mira has made significant contributions to the American education sector. She has improved the American pre-school system (Mukherjee). Bharati, on the other end, is a renowned writer (Mukherjee). Both immigrants have made a significant contribution to the American economy, just like the other millions of immigrants. As shown in “Two Ways to Belong” immigrants bring a diverse set of skills and educational backgrounds that benefit America as a whole. Most of the have advanced degrees. According to studies, more that 1.9 percent of the immigrants have Ph.D., and doctorates (OECD). Despite this contribution, the immigrants do no take away jobs from Americans. Many entrepreneurial immigrants have created companies and provided jobs to thousands of Americans