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Immigrants want the American Dream

Immigration in early times and immigration today is caused by the same reasons: searching for better economic opportunities, escaping war and famine, adventure and a search for better lives. Both groups are similar in the hostility they faced from Native Americans and today’s citizens. In contrast however, earlier immigrants had to face a host of problems and had a hard task at establishing new communities and developing idle land. Today’s immigrants are coming into a nation that has systems in place and the only task is to find a job and maintain it.

Earlier immigrants had a more difficult task of getting to America. Back then, the modes of transportation were horrible, some of them did not even have an idea of where America was and could easily get lost and die at sea, which was the most popular method of transport for immigrants. Some starved because they were not prepared for how long the journey would be. Today’s immigrants are better informed on the journey they are undertaking and have better means of transport.

The ‘American Dream’ is harder to achieve today. This is because opportunities are not as many as they were before. American citizens are depending on more than one job to survive, Immigrants are worse off because they lack documentation which makes it hard for them to gain meaningful employment. Even those who land jobs are exploited and forced to work long hours with little pay. Their living conditions continue to be deplorable each year because they cannot afford proper housing facilities. The influx of immigrants has also made sure that jobs are on the decline and it is difficult to get a good job or be promoted to a better position. All these factors make the achievement of the American Dream almost impossible.Immigrants want the American Dream