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Identify one stakeholder for each stakeholder group



Identify one stakeholder for each stakeholder group (host organisation, host community, participants and spectators, co-workers, media, and sponsors) and describe the two-way relationship between the event and each stakeholder identified.

  • Host organization- International Tennis Federation
  • Host community-Melbourne City
  • Participants- Tennis players such as Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Isner among others
  • Spectators-Tennis fans mainly from Australia
  • Co-workers- Ball boys and girls, chair umpire and line judges.
  • Media- Television
  • Sponsors- Rolex, Toshiba, City of Melbourne among others
  1. Identify the two most important stakeholders among the six stakeholders identified using the concept of Stakeholder Salience (Mitchell, Agle & Wood, 1997), and justify why they are the most important stakeholders.
  • Participants and spectators- Because without the participants who are the players then there is no tennis game. The players cannot play in empty arenas; they need spectators in order to make the game interesting. Spectators also help in revenue collection and they are the reason any game exists.
  • Sponsors- City of Melbourne and other sponsors provides the prize money and organize other areas of the game to make it a success
  1. If the event becomes too dependent on the two most important stakeholders, how would the event be influenced? Provide examples to illustrate your answer.
  • If the number of spectators drops then, the event would lose its main source of revenue. Similarly, if top players do not turn up for the event then it will fail to draw the necessary crowd.
  • Sponsors make the event a success by contributing the prize money awarded to the tennis players just for participating. If Australian Open becomes too dependent on sponsors and the sponsors withdraw, the event will be disrupted since the funds available will not be able to pay the players and other officials of the game.Identify one stakeholder for each stakeholder group
  1. Provide recommendations on how to reduce the dependency on the two most important stakeholders.
  • Making it a pay per view event
  • Improving the level of competitiveness such that the number of top tennis player increases
  • Reducing the dependence on revenue generated from spectators by collaborating with streaming channels such as YouTube and Facebook.
  • Reducing the ticket prices to see if it can have any effect on revenue collected and how it is used
  • Signing dals with more sponsors such that even when some withdraw their effects will not be hard