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Idea Paper Outlining the views in the Liberal world



Idea Paper Outlining the views in the Liberal world using the Alternative theories provided

To begin with, for liberal theories to hold, two assumptions have been put forward. The individuals advocating for the use of the liberal approaches assume that there needs to exist anarchy which should be coupled with the existence of rationality. Through the assumption of the existence of anarchy, the liberal theories stipulate that there should be no world governments and therefore no existence of monopoly powers. To that end, the existing system should always strive to ensure that self-help prevails.  The second assumption focuses on the political leaders and the members of particular state formulating policies that will enable them to have benefited from the other nations around the globe. To accomplish this, the advocates of the use of this approach argue that it should be done via the application of very low costs.  However, liberal ideas are different from rationalist theories, for instance, institutionalism and realism, in the sense that the arguments do not take into account the reality that a state is a representation of many social groups whose views conform to what the state prefers. Moreover, the interconnectedness of the preferences in a state is the heart and the soul that leads to a state policy.Idea Paper Outlining the views in the Liberal world

First, from a personal perspective, I am in a strong agreement with the institutionalism and the realism theories on the existence of a liberal world.  It is because I subscribe to the idea that for a liberal world to be realized there needs to be a representation of the various social groups by a smaller group of people. Such individuals should represent the views of the different groups of people and thus make policies that are relevant and are in the best interests of the people that they represent. In such a situation, a democratic society should also exist whereby individuals in a society are presented with an opportunity to choose leaders of their choice. The selected individuals will then engage in debates or discussions on the way forward for the state. In a situation whereby policy is going to have a lot of weight on the society, then the public should be asked to air out opinions in a referendum.  Having representation is also important because it is a channel through which public goods would be provided. For instance, infrastructure and social amenities can only be provided through the existence of such a system.

Equally, I strongly agree with the views of the other approaches (for instance, institutionalism and realism) on the existence of a liberal world through the belief that a combination of the preferences from the members of the state should constitute a state policy. This is significant because it captures the interests of society. To that end, the leaders of any political system around the world should strive to ensure that the policies made take into account what the majority of the people in a particular country prefer. It is important to do so because this is going to ensure the existence of peace and harmony in such a nation. There should also be a huge application of the rationality when making public decisions. The use of anarchy as stipulated by the liberal theories may prove to be problematic because this approach may not provide security services and this may lead to several terrorist attacks which may take away the lives of several people. This may also prove detrimental because there may emerge social evils which may prove difficult to address.


I also agree with the alternative approaches of a liberal world (that is institutionalism and realism) on the grounds that liberal theories have some flaws in their views about how some policies should be made. For instance, the approaches have some weaknesses in trade regulations. Elite economists have always argued that free trade is one of the factors that lead to improved welfare. However, states engage in trade protection through the application of liberal approaches. Through the approach of the liberals, a state makes key trade protection regulations based on what the social groups prefer. The political leaders make such policies with the objective of ensuring that the producer is not exploited. The commodities produced may not have a competitive ability in the world market and this may prove detrimental to a nation. The nationals of such a country may have low or reduced standards of living. This also serves as one of the factors that may lead to slow economic growth since the goods produced within the borders of the nation may not fetch a high demand across the world markets.  The individuals advocating for the use of realism argue that there should be “hegemonic power” in trade liberalization. This implies that a state should always strive hard to ensure that its self-sufficiency is maintained. In a situation whereby a state is helping another state, the aid should also not be for economic goals. Institutionalists argue that there exists an inappropriate institution in the international stage which renders the addressing of some of the issues like conflicts impossible.Idea Paper Outlining the views in the Liberal world


In conclusion, the alternative theories provided on the views in the liberal world tend to be pointing out some of the weaknesses associated with the liberal approaches in a liberal world. For instance, many observe that the use of anarchy may be problematic because there need leaders representing the various social groups of people.