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I am Legend: The apocalypse

The movie shows the dangers of science and the many things that could go wrong from a simple experiment. In the movie, people across the world are wiped out within a period of three years. A doctor is responsible for this menace. The disease is man-made, but it was not intentional. The disease is known as the Krippin Virus after the doctor who unknowingly invented it. Doctor Krippin developed the virus from the measles virus in a bid to cure cancer. This theme aims to reflect at a disease that is killing people across the world today. Cancer is a menace and its treatment is expensive even when it does not guarantee cure.

In early days, Krippin’s cure for cancer works just well and there are no side effects. As more people seek treatment however, cure turns into a deadly disease. The disease is now an airborne and contact disease. People die from the simple act of breathing in. The disease mutates those it does not kill into beings called the Darkseekers. These beings are hungry for blood especially from the immune people that are the smallest fraction in the world who survived. The Darkseekers only get out at night but in the day, they hide in the shadows because sunlight burns their skin. This phenomenon reflects the science fiction of vampires as well as the reality of Albinism as an inconsistency. Nobody knows why only a few people are immune.

The disease, does not only affect humans but it affects dogs and rats as well. Surprisingly, deer and lions are immune to the virus. These theme could be indicating, the ills of urban life created by humans and the problems that lurk within. It could indicate the superiority of Mother Nature because the immune animals are those that live in the wild. Those animals closely associated with man such as dogs and rats are affected alongside him.I am Legend: The apocalypse

As people are wiped off the planet, the Darkseekers and survivors hunt each other. The Darkseekers view survivors as a threat that must be done away with, while the survivors protect themselves in a survival camp, with only one legend looking for a cure. This theme reflects that man is his own worst enemy. It also shows the hunger of man to survive by all means. Then again, the theme of humanity is shown by the struggle of one man to find a cure and when he does find it, he protects it at all cost including paying dearly with his own life. The apocalypse part of the movie explores the mistakes of humans and the lengths they would go to solve the problems they created themselves.