Human Resource Effective Training




Human Resource Effective Training

Chapter Six Question Review Questions:

  1. Supervisors often resist taking on the role of coach. What can organizations do to encourage supervisors to be effective coaches?

The organizations is required to provide supervisors with effective training to gain the necessary skills required in coaching. In addition…….

  1. Go through the different instructional methods and sort them into those that you think would be most useful in training someone on the technical aspects of the job and those that would be most useful in the more social aspects of the job. Provide the rationale for your decisions……..
    1. Why are classroom based training programs (lecture/discussion, role-play, games, etc.) used so much more than individualized approaches to training? Do you think this choice is appropriate?

    Classroom based learning is a more specific kind of learning method, it’s good for impacting certain specific facts…………

    1. How is ET (Electronic Training) different from e-learning?

    ET (Electronic training) this is a form of training that individuals are taught how to handle various technological equipment. Electronic training can impact……….

    1. What are the basic components of ET and its delivery?
    • Hardware

    This are physical components of a computer. Learning of computer hardware includes hard drives, monitor,…….

    1. How does programmed instruction allow the trainee to work at his or her own pace?

    Programming instructions are characterized by self-administered, self-paced instructions which are presented in a logical manner. Learners are able to work individually, students can work at their own……..

    1. How does ITS (Intelligent Tutoring System) differ from programmed instruction?

    Intelligent tutoring system is a computer system that provides customized and immediate feedback to learners without having interactions……….

    1. What learning processes are most influenced by interactive multimedia? Which are influenced the least?

    Electronic learning is mostly influenced by multimedia as the whole concept is based on computer technology and therefore…………

    1. What is the most expensive part of developing an ET?

    The most expensive part of developing electronic system is coming up with a system design that will meet some specific………..

    1. What are the factors associated with calculating the cost of ET?

    There are various factors which are considered when calculating the cost of electronic training, they include:

    Basic e- training design element. This are graphic, content creation, multimedia presentations and……….

    1. How effective is ET in maintaining control over learning processes and training content? Provide your rationale.  


    Electronic training is more effective in maintaining control over learning process as it can help monitoring learners progress easily. Electronic training………….

    1. What is the purpose of an LMS (Learning Management System)?

    Learning management system is a powerful tool that employers use to train employees and in professional development………

    1. How are ITS and LMS related to each other?

    Intelligent management and intelligent management both store electronic content and deliver interactive experience to its learners. They both present a number of content interactions and evaluate user’s……….