Human Activity and climate change

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Human Activity and climate change

Human activity especially the burning of fossil fuel is a major contributor to climate change.

I agree with this proposition.

Human activity, rather than nature is believed to be the major contributor to the climatic change seen in the world today. In essence, human activity, through anthropogenic actions is an aspect that many scientist in the world today believe has been the catalyst of these changes, which many proponents of the environment believe to pose imminent danger to the biological species in different ecological settings. Human beings are constantly causing alterations the land’s surface as well as the atmospheric composition. These factors, apparently, have an influence on the energy and material flow around the globe. The accelerated warming and change is brought about by the greenhouse gases, which are consistently being added to the atmosphere through human activities.

On day to day basis, human beings are causing modification to the greenhouse effect by engaging in activities that raise the amount of the gases that in their very nature, they increase the natural abundance of the greenhouse gases. Many processes increase the amount of these gases in the earth’s atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is also emitted in to the atmosphere through the process of breathing, where the body takes in oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide. However, the most prevalent factor that contributes immensely to the increase of these gases that cause climatic change is the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels include oil, coal, and natural gas. These fuels were formed over a very long period from the decomposition of the remains of animals and plants. As these remains decomposed, they were buried deep under the earth surface where they are subjected to high temperatures and pressure from the overlying materials and eventually formed into fossil oil. Coal has been used as a fossil fuel in a long time and it brought about the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution has brought about increased changes to the climatic conditions of the world. Coal is used today by different industries to manufacture products such as cement and steel, and more so in the generation of electricity.