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Hum 370: Analysis of an Act




Hum 370: Analysis of an Act

Due:                            Monday, November 27th                   11am

Hum 370: Analysis of an Act

You will write an analysis of analysis of an act of entertainment, leisure, community, religion, or other artistic endeavor.  For this paper you are critically assessing a subject, practice, performance or performer that we engage with in this society casually that relates to the ideas we talked about in this class (African American culture).  As your write about this “act” think about the history it reveals, the way in which it affects you personally, and how this act functions in our society. Please use material from the class (terms and ideas), and the “I” voice throughout your essay.

MLA Format                                        3 pages                                    Blackboard – Turn it In

Essay will be evaluated on:


o   Choose a subject that is less common.

o   Make sure you synthesize ideas into a unique understanding.

o   Use sourcing sparingly and only as a way of framing ideas.


o   Mention texts we have studied (Dubois, 13th, Rankine)

o   Use class ideas and terms throughout (bias, historical context)

o   MLA Format, please (correct headers, works cited page) with one citation (cite any internet sourcing), that mentions ideas by author’s name


o   Use the “I” voice at some place in the text.

o   Use narratives and illustrate ideas with your own personal experiences.

o   Show your own unique viewpoint as it relates to what you understand.

Examples of specific “acts” you and analyze and evaluate for this Unit:

Hum 370: Analysis of an Act

·         Write about a piece of music you enjoy.  Make sure you analyze the qualities of the music over the lyrics (historical and otherwise).

·         Analyze a form of dance (popular, modern, or past).  Look at where the dance arose, choreographers, or practices around the dance.  What function does the dance have in society?

·         Write about a movie or television show.  What it is entertaining about this show?  What statement does this show make about black culture?  Tropes?

·         Write about a religious practice (Christianity, Islam, or others that have deep roots in the black community).

·         Write about any black entertainer (musician, actor/ress, dancer, tv personality).


Try to stay within this time period, although you may write about past events if you have a specific idea (come talk to me).  And again if you want to do something creative, just let me know.