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How to write a Weekly Journal

The class was held at the education and recreation hall on Monday, November 19, 2018 as stipulated in the course outline. My preparation for the lesson entailed noting all the activities that I would guide the students in performing and ensuring that I had all the materials I would use in this class. Since this was a public reading lesson, I only carried the class reading for this class, that is, The Old Man and the Sea and my marker and laptop. When I arrived for the lesson, I immediately gave the class representative the hard copies of the lesson objectives to distribute to the whole class and ensure that every student has a copy.

I began this class on a lighter note by telling a jest “If you look under your chairs, you’ll find that there is nothing there.” The students laughed at the joke, but they were even more jovial when they heard that that the lesson would only entail reading. Nonetheless, I quickly reminded them that the reading would be done publicly, that is, every student would be required to stand and read aloud to the rest of the class. The objective of this exercise was to sharpen their reading skills and improve their communication skills in terms of pronunciation and diction.

As the students read aloud, I noticed that the students’ reading had improved immensely since the second, third and fourth lesson when they were required to read assigned books. I only took time at the end of a student’s allocated reading time to make few corrections regarding pronunciation of certain words since most students corrected themselves when they realized they had made mistakes in their reading. The lesson was not only enjoyable but full of positive interaction and jokes. As such, I told the students to continue the trend by reading at least one page in the text to each other as an assignment. At the end of the lesson the students reflected on what they learned from this lesson.How to write a Weekly Journal

Kindly find the attached Lesson Plan 12 linked in the appendix.