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How to Write a Statement of Purpose

Part A

The dedication to serve and impact my community in a positive way has always been a prominent part of my life and profession. It motivates and stimulates me to formulate the foundations of change within particular settings. Due to the increasing diversity in various realms of work and service, there is a need to integrate and revitalize concepts that make a person adaptable to the incessant changes. As such, one needs to possess the requisite skills to remain dynamic, integral, competitive and ethical in bringing about positive change in the society. Based on this understanding, I wish to declare my intention to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Administration in this great institution of higher learning. I believe that my educational background and work experience will contribute to my success as a graduate student and later as a professional in my field of study.How to Write a Statement of Purpose

My experience in community leadership and organization has molded my upbringing in public administration. As an illustration, I am proud to have been part of the SFU Blood for Life team who in partnership with the Canadian Blood Services raised awareness about the need for blood donation and provided avenues for prospective donors to donate blood. I also volunteered my time to welfare organization such as the Vancouver Virology Center due to the spiritual fulfillment that comes with social service, as well as, an ardent concern for the welfare of those in need of adequate health care, clean environment and peace. The experience I gained from volunteering, community projects and internships inspired me to pursue various community-oriented endeavors in my professional career. My interest and drive in healthcare, environmental conservation and sustainable development, that I got an opportunity to showcase during my internship at Saudi Aramco Oil Company, have also encouraged me to seek opportunities or avenues for developing my career in the field of public administration and fulfilling my promise of incessantly engaging in community welfare initiatives.

Part B-How to Write a Statement of Purpose

The organized efforts of the government, non-profit organizations and individuals towards a healthier society are as ancient as human civilization. Through the years, this goal of provision of adequate health care to people has faced immense achievements, as well as, challenges. A significant challenge that both the government and non-profit organizations face in their provision of public healthcare is motivating and retaining health workers. Health workers are an extremely vital component of the health sector. However, they are often neglected. This has resulted in a severe shortage of health workers in various countries. Some of the factors that contribute to the shortage of skilled health workers are limited health budgets, insufficient numbers of students pursuing and completing medical professional training, lack of effective planning, migration of health workers to other nations, restricted opportunities for professional development, weak supervision and support, and poor working conditions.

In order to cope with the challenges of poor working conditions, inadequate remuneration and poor supervision, health workers normally employ certain strategies. A good example is the engagement in dual practice by health workers. This means that instead of just holding the one job under the government or non-profit organizations, health workers end up holding multiple jobs in both the private and public sectors. In as much as many countries condone dual health practice, there is a critical risk of this adversely influencing the quality of public healthcare and services provided by the employees adversely. This is because dual practice encourages health workers to belittle their public health efforts and instead, make referrals to their own private practices. Another coping strategy is over-prescription of diagnostic tests and drugs. This is particularly evident in rural areas whereby minimal use of health services by the people has resulted in the over-prescription of diagnostic tests and drugs to improve the income of health workers from regular customers.How to Write a Statement of Purpose

In order to minimize the adverse impacts of coping strategies that emanate from the dissatisfaction of health workers can be addressed by the government through proper and formidable planning and workforce policy. A good health system administration is one whereby the government takes into contemplation and implements proper management of monetary incentives and non-monetary incentives. It is imperative to note that health workers normally work long shifts and this can be a demotivating factor when they feel that their remuneration is not commensurate to their effort at the workplace. Thus, the government can provide improved or higher salaries and benefits to motivate and retain health workers. I recognize that achieving this can be difficult in resource-constrained settings and in nations whereby the system of disbursement of salaries in the public sector is not easily changed due to restrictions in public expenditure. The same problem also exists in non-profit organizations providing healthcare whereby managers sometimes cut costs, thus, hindering the possibility of higher salaries for health workers.

These challenges denote just how vital adequate remuneration is in the health sector. Thus, governments and non-profit organizations need to improve health worker’s salaries. In situations whereby providing higher wages is difficult, the government and non-profit organizations can provide financial allowances such as retention allowance, accommodation allowance and hardship allowance. In addition, they can also provide non-financial incentives to motivate and retain health workers such as gender-sensitive considerations, continuing education and training, professional development, improved supervision and management, and improved working and living conditions.

Part C-How to Write a Statement of Purpose

The government plays a development and oversight role in the larger society. This particular concerns the provision of public services such as healthcare, infrastructure, social amenities, education, employment opportunities, environmental conservation and sustainable development. Non-profit organizations on the other hand, provide public services in select fields such as organization of health campaigns that help in securing a healthier population, sponsorship of less fortunate students, and community development projects such as digging boreholes to provide water, provision of sanitary towels for girls and environment cleaning initiatives among others. Albeit the government and non-profit organizations have placed immense effort in providing these public services to the people and the society at large, their efforts are still insufficient in delivering all these public services. As such, there is a need for individuals to step in and provide the much-needed help in facilitating the delivery of services to the public.

Fortunately, my educational background and work experience have equipped me with valuable knowledge and skills in facilitating the provision of public services and fostering community development. For instance, my customer service and marketing experience while working as a Sales Representative at Bank of Montreal and as an Administrative and Research Assistant at Vancouver Virology Center have equipped me with formidable skills in management, procurement, public relation and event organization. This means that I not only relate well with people but I am also capable of organizing and managing environmental conservation projects, as well as, initiatives that link less fortunate individuals and non-profit organizations that provide health services and scholarships. My experience in community leadership and organization while working as an Event Coordinator at the Saudi Student Association and volunteering at the SFU Blood for Life Initiative has made me more sensitive to health issues and challenges that student from diverse cultures and races face while learning in other countries. I believe that the knowledge and skills I will gain at the institution of higher learning will make me a better health administrator in my profession. I am extremely excited and look forward to being part of the MPA team.How to Write a Statement of Purpose