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How to manage cell phone addiction



How to manage cell phone addiction

My thoughts on Mr. Sinek’s comments on millennials in the workplace

Millennials are a group of people born in early 1980s and after. According to Mr. Sinek this type of generation are very tough to manage which I agree because even though mellinnials would want to work in places with purpose and add an impact, they lack happiness. All these are articulated by how they were brought up, technology, impatient and environment. They end up with low self esteem because they feel like they don’t deserve anything that comes their way.

Did Mr. Sinek portray millennial?

Yes he did. The millennial generation is really affected by technology since technology has no restriction like the previous generation leading to addiction which causes imbalance. Impatience is another problem that these young people have; they end up working for less of time since they feel they do not add an impact.

Which of Mr. Sinek’s statement did I agree on?

Job satisfaction and strength of relationships have no shortcuts for success. Patience is the key to things that really matter in life like love, joy, self confidence and job fulfillment. All these will take time and therefore this generation requires being in an environment that will make them believe in themselves and work hard to acquire long term benefits.

Am I addicted to cell phone?


My thoughts on cell phone addiction

Cell phone addiction is a real problem because of the adverse impacts it has on people like anxiety and depression, stress, sleepless nights and eyesight as a result of too much light.

How to manage cell phone addiction

First I would set limits for using the application for a specific period, secondly I would get some distance with the phone whenever am working, thirdly I would turn off my phone for some time, lastly I would try as much as possibly to preoccupy my mind with something meaningful.