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How to Critique a Presentation

Helens’ presentation focused on the big question, that is, how technology and classrooms are related. The presentation is creating awareness of how technology has affected the classroom. She emphasizes much on the positive ways and pays less attention to the negative ways.

Helen obeys the principles of public speaking. One instance is when she talks about her experience as an education major and this is important because it shows she is making her presentation personal.  This helps in creating a connection with her audience. Besides, it also demonstrates the key purpose of the whole presentation was reached. Helen is not audible. When she is beginning her presentation she is not audible enough. Actually, it is impossible for the audience to get what she is talking about. It is evident that she tries to be audible enough as she proceeds. This made the audience fail to understand the topic of the whole presentation. The speech states facts about the topic. For instance, technology has profoundly changed education. This has helped in the further understanding of the topic. Providing more evidence and facts about technology would have helped in improving the presentation. Moreover, being more involving her audience could have also helped improve the presentation. This didn’t affect the speech much although using more evidence, facts and being more involving could have created an outstanding presentation.

In conclusion, the three critique areas focused on in this paper are about principles of public speaking, strengths, and weakness of the presentation and how to improve the speech.   Making this presentation better was the main purpose of these critiques. First Helen showed an outstanding record on how to obey the principles of public speaking, thus winning the attention of the audience.  On the weakness part, Helen was not audible enough. This makes the audience strain in order to hear what she is talking about. The fact that she used facts to present the presentation makes it easy to conclude that the audience understood the presentation better.  If Helen focused on her strengths and works on her weakness like to be audible would help better this presentation.How to Critique a Presentation