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How to Build Self Confidence by CeCe Olisa

Self confidence is defined as an assurance or rather a belief that in the near future one can accomplish whatever it is that he wishes to do. It can also be defined as ones ability to trust on achieving a specific goal. The following are some of the ways used to build self confidence; one is to indentify your perceived obstacle that is whatever it is that lowers your self confidence, secondly; is imagining how your life will be if your perceived obstacle was no more, thirdly; address your obstacle by coming up with a strategy to overcome the perceived obstacle and lastly one should choose to live a life that you imagine in your current situation that is today. The four ways are asure bet when it comes to building self confidence.

The speech was persuasive, this is because the speaker was trying to persuade  the audience in order to take a particular view point, for instance the speaker was giving solutions to the problem on lack of self confidence. The language that the speaker used was appropriate for the speaker as well as for the audience. The speaker made use of vivid language in that the audience would create a clear and mental images and the listeners could truly understand whatever information the speaker was trying to put across.How to Build Self Confidence by CeCe Olisa

First the speaker captured the audience attention by using metaphors to prove the points on self confidence . Secondly the speaker made use of a story in order to grab the peoples attention at this point she gave a real life story about her that helped in building her self confidence. Third asking questions to the audience is another technique that the speaker used to acquire the audience attention.

One of the technique used to deliver the message was to relax. The speaker began by addressing the audience , this helps by buying more time to relax and calm your nerves before giving the speech, second technique was the ability to know your audience by greeting some as they arrived. Another technque hat the speaker used in delivering the speech was to concentrate on the message as well as the audience by not running out of topic. The messages delivered to the listener was very impactful. The audience were able to acquire some knowledge on ways to build self confidence because in one way or another there is something that hinders ones self confidence.How to Build Self Confidence by CeCe Olisa

The speaker used her own personal experience as a way to grab the listeners attention and also as a way to provide more information on building self confidence for better understanding to the audience. The speaker lacked self confidence because of he body since she prefferred slim bodies to her fat body  but instead she  made use of the four strategies to build on her self confidence.

The speaker made use of problem-solution speech organization pattern. This can be described by the fact that the speaker introduced a problem which was lack of self confidence and came up with strategies that could  be used to restore ones self confidence.

The speaker concluded her speech by encouraging the audience to use the ways to buld their self confidence just as she did to over come her self confidence. Also she finalized her speech by thanking the audience for listening to the great speech that she made.