How to better literacy reading

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How to better literacy reading

Disciplinary Literacies and Learning to Read for understanding: A conceptual Framework for Disciplinary Literacy

Big Takeaways

This article has provided that reading to understand is different from the normal reading that we engage in. The researchers have come up with various steps that one can engage in in order for them to better their leaning process. These methods are;

Firstly, there are numerous texts on the same topic. These texts will always have different knowledge on the topic. Therefore, the reader will always have to cope with the different accounts. Therefore, in order to better one’s literacy, it is important that the reader is able to read with an open mind and compare and contrast these issues. The information that these authors will always present will have rather minimal discrepancies. Therefore, the learner will be required to read a couple of texts and come up with a concise understanding of the material. They must also understand the variable and situations that ended up giving different findings.

Secondly, in order to better literacy, the learner should have a clear guideline of their goals and expectations of the learning process. With this task model, the learner will be able to determine whether learning has taken place or not. In addition, having this task model will help in the decision-making process. For instance, this model will make it possible for them to determine whether or not the source is sufficient to meet the stipulated goals. They will have to determine the resources that they require in the reading process.

Thirdly, the authors have encouraged the use of interventions in the learning process. When designing the interventions, they are supposed to cooperate with the teachers. These interventions will be based on the discipline being taught. The learners are also required to play a substantive role when developing the interventions. This is why it is important to have a classroom disciplinary community. They concluded that the manner in which the research was conducted and the issues that they took into consideration may be similar but the issues may differ. Therefore, this has shown what amounts to disciplinary literacy. They proved that the research that they conducted proved that the issues being studied will in some cases be dependent on the epistemic characteristics of the subject

Lastly, the teachers and the learners should have a clear understanding of the knowledge, skills, and practices that are up to date. As they learn, they should ensure that the skills and knowledge that they acquire in the process have to be advantageous to them and the others in the society at the moment and in the future. Therefore, it must be understood that the learning process should always be developed over time. Therefore, the environment is very important for the success of the process. This is a duty of all the stakeholders. The teachers, the students, and the educational authorities. Therefore, it is important that everybody plays their part in order to address the problems associated with developing the learning process.

Conclusively, there are various gaps that still need to be fixed in order to ensure that the research findings are adhered to. More research should still be carried out in order to ensure that the learning process is bettered. The learning process should be able to meet the criteria and threshold stipulated by the CCSS, NGS, and the C3. Therefore, the researchers are required to always collaborate with the teachers in order for them to come up with the best way of inputting knowledge in the learners.

How it will Guide my Own Practice-How to better literacy reading

READI’s findings are very important to my practice. The information that they have stipulated will make it easier for me to come up with my teaching plan. This includes issues such as coming up with the best way of teaching the children. Therefore, my teaching guide will be formulated in a manner that that it encourages collaboration between me and the learners. When teaching, I will adhere to the authors’ recommendation of ensuring that what we teach is in line with the changing environments. Therefore, whatever I teach the class will be of importance to the changing times.

Literacy Implementation Guidance for the ELA: Common Core State Standards-How to better literacy reading

There are many policies that have been put in place as a way of ensuring that the teaching and learning process is maximized. The US learning process is supposed to prepare the students for the next level of education and their working life. However, the teachers may find it difficult to understand the ELA common core standards. Therefore, it will be difficult for them to teach the children as per the guidelines. Therefore, the authors tried to simplify the core standards.

How to better literacy reading

            Firstly, the learners are always required to be able to read the challenging texts. This complexity includes issues such as words used and the tasks they are supposed to complete. Therefore, throughout the process, they will always be required to come up with ways that will enable the learners to meet these set standards. The standards set will in most cases be dependent on the level of teaching. The skills of coming up with the common sight words and decoding words should be natured from an early age. The ELA has provided the texts that the learner should be able to read at a particular stage in their learning process. However, the teacher should also consider other texts outside the ones that have been presented to them. The teacher is required to ensure that they consider issues such as the ability of the learner when choosing the texts.

Secondly, the standards stipulate the foundational skills. These include skills such as phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, and other foundational literacy skills. The skills to be input will vary from level to level. The teacher is required to ensure that they are able to equip the child with these skills in different ways. This may be made possible through the steps and procedures put in place by the teacher and the other stakeholders. For instance, by K-2, the ELA requires that the child has the foundational skills of reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, and language.

How to better literacy reading
Thirdly, the standards stipulated have been realized to stipulate more the requirements but not the manner in which they will achieve these goals. However, these standards provide that the learner is encouraged to develop independent reading as a way of meeting the set goals. They are further encouraged to always have a summary of whatever they are reading in order for them to develop a better understanding. In addition, the learners are encouraged to have some questions as they read the text. For example, they must always ask themselves questions before and as they read the text. The teacher is required to encourage the children to always be the ones to run the learning process instead of spoon-feeding them.

            Fourthly, the core standards require that the vocabulary of the learners are always developed. The child should be able to have a myriad of vocabulary. They are supposed to come up with issues such as figurative language, multi-meaning words, and the meaning of some words. Consequently, they will find it easier for them to read the texts. In order for the learners to have an understanding of the vocabulary, the teacher is tasked with the duty of first understanding this vocabulary then let it trickle down to the kids. Furthermore, the standards require that the learner is able to also read facial expressions and tones of the other party. Consequently, they will be able to understand the meaning of the word in that particular context.

Fifthly, the standards require that the learner develops the writing skills. The manner in which they are able to express themselves in writing is important for the success of the learning process. The child is required to better their writing and research skills in the course of their learning. Therefore, the teacher is required to always provide the learner with the opportunity of writing and researching on the matters that they are tasked with.

Sixthly, the standards provide for disciplinary literacy. This means that whatever the child is being taught needs to be in line with the subject that they are being taught. Therefore, the curriculum that the teacher follows will have to consider the issues that they are teaching. Therefore, the teacher should ensure that they consider the various members of staff are able to collaborate with each other.

Lastly, the Standards acknowledge that students are different and the classroom is composed of a diverse population of students. However, the CCSS require that the students all come out somehow similar. The teacher is just required to ensure that they come up with teaching methods that will ensure that they are able to maximize the output of all the students.

Impact on my Practice

By understanding the required standards, I will be able to come up with a teaching method that conforms to all these standards. In addition, the recommendations of how the teacher is supposed to meet these goals will help me in actualizing the action plan. Therefore, I will find it easier to implement these set standardsDoing and Teaching Disciplinary Literacy with Adolescent Learners: A Social and Cultural Enterprise

Key Points-How to better literacy reading