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How exercises prevent diseases?


Today, studies have demonstrated that the majority of the diseases that are affecting human beings are mostly caused by their lifestyle. With the innovations that are taking place in technological advancements, people are having less time to exercise. Like, let’s say for instance instead of walking people prefer driving hence leading to increased cases of disorders. As the number of people doing exercises keeps going down, the number of people being affected by adverse health conditions keeps going up all over the globe. Online games and computer games have altered the way people did exercise by playing volleyball, football handball and also running (Ensenyat et al., 2017). Obesity, overweight, high blood pressure, heart attack, and cardiovascular disorder are among the diseases caused due to lack of exercises. This paper focuses on how exercises prevent diseases.

Main Argument

Exercises are central to overcoming some of the diseases that affect people. This is because there is enough evidence that exercises have several health benefits. For instance, exercises prevent diabetes by lowering the blood sugar level to its optimum levels (Kadariyo & Aro, 2018). Besides, exercises reduce cardiovascular diseases and vascular dysfunctions by promoting the mobility well-being in people. Furthermore, exercises prevent asthma attacks by strengthening the breathing system which improves the level of oxygen concentration in the body (Kadariyo & Aro, 2018). Also, being active ensures that the breathing system is busy to counter-effect the oxygen deficit in the body that is required to break down fats and carbohydrates to release the energy used during exercises. Also, research has demonstrated that aerobic exercises are crucial in preventing cancer disease (Kadariyo & Aro, 2018).  This is achieved through engaging in regular aerobic exercises of about three times a week. These types of exercises prevent cancer by reducing the inflammation as well as boosting the immunity of the body and regulating body weight (Kadariyo & Aro, 2018).

Recommendations/Suggestions-how exercises prevent diseases?

Numerous studies have indicated that the levels of physical activities around the globe are lower than those that have been recommended (Ensenyat et al., 2017). To that end, people must apply empathy to have a better understanding of some of the drawbacks of the population’s low response to physical activities. This will be crucial because it is one of the platforms that would enable the government to develop interventions that are critical in ensuring that the vast majority of the people within a nation participate in physical exercises.

To ensure that people live a healthy life, the government should be the catalyst. The central administration should put in place medical strategies that will educate the public on the importance of doing exercises and the frequency in which they should engage in exercises on a daily basis. The government should also provide exercise facilities such as gym centers, fields and games skits to members of the society to prevent the chances of getting obesity and other related disorders. Besides, people should also set aside some time for exercise.


Reflective Analysis-how exercises prevent diseases?

In my understanding, exercises are the software for good health. To that end, it is significant for people to ensure that they are involved in exercises. For the economy of any nation around the globe to excel, its citizens need to be healthy. Therefore, the government should make it a responsibility to ensure that its nationals are free from fatal diseases such as diabetes and asthma. This can be accomplished by coming up with awareness plans that would enlighten people on the importance of ensuring that they participate in exercises.

Conclusion-how exercises prevent diseases?

In conclusion, research has demonstrated that exercises are critical in ensuring that people remain healthy.  This is because exercises are attributable to preventing diseases such as diabetes, vascular dysfunction as well as preventing cancer among other disorders. However, due to the recent innovations in technology, few people have been able to participate in regular exercises. To that end, the government should create an awareness for People to exercise regularly.How exercises prevent diseases?




















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