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This is a short Film by Motion Pictures and uses the poetry theme to pass its message. It starts with a dying youth, gunned down by policemen and the whole film is a reflection on how best to keep a black child from the trouble that so obviously surrounds him. Born like any other, yet not like all others his age. His disadvantages may be obvious from the very start but can he be salvaged, from the very things that aim at not giving him a chance.

Many things affect a young black man and it all starts in the home arena. The father figure may be away in prison or an absentee father or present but gives little attention to the young man growing under his watch. Fathers are made to instill values like honor, respect and self- value. The family without a father figure will lack the will to look up to anything good.  The mother is also an essential figure in a house hold and her contribution to the upbringing of a child cannot be underrated. The poem also brings up another aspect of parenting, that by grandparents. At most times, this care givers are too old to keep up with the youngsters, even when they have the best intensions. Family is important and with good role play a child has a better chance in life.

Religion is the only hope we have for a higher being that looks out for us and who is interested in our lives when everyone else does not seem to. The poet raises questions to the guardians of faith, the church leaders on the fulfillment of their roles in spiritual guidance. This is because what happens on Sunday may influence every other day of the week.

The poet also hopes the school will not fail the student. The teachers, the administration and the role models that shape a child’s ideal at school should be at their best. They have little and probably empty minds at their disposal set to learn, and to absorb ideals from the one figure of authority they are taught to respect.

The author also goes ahead to talk about other influences in a young person’s life such as music that speaks to them on different levels, good and bad. He talks about the influence of hip hop and old school music.

He voices the wrongs of the youth such as drugs and low self-esteem. He admonishes the people that could make the lives of young men different but chose not to, the big boys on the block, the policemen all who have a chance to be the change a society needs.