The video presents public speaking tips and how best you can present your ideas as a speaker. The tips on what a good speaker should be are easy enough to understand and take you from the level of an inexperienced speaker to a pro. What makes it easy to follow the advice is that the tips are given by one of the world’s top cream speakers. He has been there and done it and learnt it for us so that we don’t have to go through the motions which are at times tiring and discouraging. His first point is that the speaker should know what his main message is and if they can summarize it in ten words. He advises that, the title should not be too open, that it should stimulate curiosity in the audience. When it is too open, the audience loose interest just as fast. He states that the first 45 seconds are crucial in grabbing the audience’s attention because beyond that their minds float somewhere else. The problem statement should be innovative and a speaker should have a maximum of five points. Too many points lose the crowd. He then gives information on how best to end a lecture and that is on a high because people remember what was said last first. Keep the best for last.

My speech performance will now be an all-time best because a pro turned around my life. I plan on keeping my speeches very short but very interactive. I will also aim at capturing the audience’s mind and keep it interested till the very end. This requires mastery and practice but I intend to work it till I make myself a master in the art. With these tips, I will be more confident so no more butterflies in my stomach and blabbering points in my presentation will be out. My confidence will be on high because I don’t have to keep at it for too long.  My audience’s attention will be checked constantly so that I know when I am losing them and when I am in control. I will not be the source of boredom to the people listening to me but rather very interesting. I will most definitely be writing my own speeches so that I can dictate what is important and what needs to go. I will be in total control of what my title, my message and five points look like and the main message they intend to deliver. I will be very creative especially with my titles. I intend to make my speech memorable by keeping the end very interesting. This is partly because people love happy endings and also because people love anything that makes them feel good.

I would give another public speaking friend the following tips to enable their smooth sailing. Be confident, people can see discomfort. Keep your voice on a good pitch and alternate it in situations that require it. Be calm and as interactive as possible. Have a message that is clear and make is as interesting as possible. Have a catchy title that does not necessarily betray your subject of interest. Summarize your main points in to five easily explainable points. Engage your audience by adding anecdotes to your speech if necessary. Be an active speaker, walk around, don’t stand on one spot and use proper facial expressions that can be read not just one long bored face. Give pauses especially when you have made a joke and people are laughing. Keep the very best for last.

Video Assignment

Summary of the Video Clip, “4 Essential Body Language Tips from a World Champion Public Speaker”

In the film, “4 Essential Body Language Tips from a World Champion Public Speaker” Dananjaya Hettiarachchi points out the ways our body parts should be positioned with the objective of ensuring that the obstacle of tenseness during the presentation of a speech to the members of the public is overcome. For effective speech delivery, one should employ a technique that has the ability to eliminate emotions that may result in poor speech delivery. To that end, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi subscribes to the opinion that we can utilize the parts of the body to ensure effective public speech presentations. To begin with, he advocates that during the presentations, the opening of the body and the palms is critical. Besides, he reveals to us that one should be familiar with the stage of the presentation. Similarly, the video presenter enlightens us that leaning on the podium during the speech presentation is detrimental because it affects the entire presentation. These approaches are vital during public speaking because they enhance the confidence of the public speaker. However, in spite of the reality that Dananjaya Hettiarachchi explores the areas that one should imitate for effective public presentations, he is also wary of some of the practices that used by people during the public speech deliveries. For instance, he criticizes the people who cover their vital organs during public speaking and regards them as being ineffective public speakers. Finally, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi demonstrates to us that the most important part of the speech presentation is being lively. By doing so, a public speaker gets the opportunity of ensuring that the attention of the audience is captured and therefore pays attention to what is being said.


Explanation of how I will implement the tips/advice explained in the video into my speech performance

I will employ several tips offered by Dananjaya Hettiarachchi during my speech presentation. To begin with, I will ensure that I am as lively as possible through the use of jokes that are not offensive to the audience. Besides, I will also ensure that I have an in-depth knowledge of the topic that I am presenting to the audience. It is imperative to ensure that I tackle a topic that I am familiar with because it is captivating to the audience and therefore will capture their attention. To promote effective speech delivery, I would also use my parts in a manner that is eye-catching so as to attract the attention of the listeners.

Tips that I will give another public speaking student

To begin with, I will begin by letting the public speaking student have the understanding that the primary objective of public speaking is to ensure that the audience can have the knowledge of what is being said. To that end, the learner should apply tips that are important in ensuring that the listeners can pay keen attention to what is being mentioned. This may include being lively, application of body parts whereby the palms and the body remain opened and ending the presentation strongly through the drawing of a conclusion that captures the insights from the speech.