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The mention of the word ‘home’ elicits different feelings to different people. In fact, home may be taken to mean something different depending on the particular individual addressing the matter. Well, to some, home may mean the very physical place or location where they are currently living. To others, home may be taken to mean the previous place of residence as well as location. Still, others may consider home to be the place where they grew up……….

In my opinion, the inside is another place I may emblazon as some sort of paradise. I think my mother has done a lot of good work to ensure that the inside is a place in which you would want to spend much of your time. The walls are beautifully painted with cream. The glittering chandeliers overhead gracefully…………..

The street outside my door is a clean street. It is well-lit and one does not need to worry at night. The side-walk pavements are well laid and the street is marked appropriately. The sidewalk is a few meters from……….

It is imperative to know that the place has also undergone commendable transformation with time. The physical infrastructure and other structures like building have come up with time transforming the general outlook of the place………..