Holden’s date with Sally Hayes is the most enjoyable part of the book, and this scene is revealing how Holden’s mind is under darkness. In this scene Holden requests Sally to run away with him and get married. It is interesting at this point that Holden is desperately in love which contrasts with his inability to deal with how the real world is full of complexities. Holden in deed needs someone for companionship as he is fighting with loneliness. This scene reveals that Holden is attempting to get to someone but later the desperation leads him to being unrealistic and arrogant. The act is also a revelation to us that Sally is appearing to moderately firm, and for that she doesn’t need unconditional companionship that Holden is seen putting forward.

In chapter 22 Holden goes back to Phoebe’s room and upon meeting her, he start telling her all the things that are making him hate schooling. Holden then tells her that he would love to be catcher in rye and save young children from getting off the cliff. Catcher in the rye is a title with a metaphoric meaning. The rye field is symbolizing childhood and that the rye is too far for children to reach. This means that children are finding it difficult to see beyond their borders of childhood. In this case Holden is portraying his protective character as he wants to guard childhood innocence from falling into lack of expectation that always go together with adulthood. Innocence is missing from one place to another of the world he is living in. This world has allowed him alone to fall over the cliff and get into adulthood. Being catcher in the rye also signifies that Holden is a person who wants to show honesty as part of his personality .He wants to fight hard and save children from getting into corruption.

Holden want to save innocence but this innocence causes a breakdown in his life. Innocence goes in hard with unwillingness to accept reality. Holden does not bear to accept the death of his brother Allie and he does not bear to his innocence as innocence comes with its own harm; People are still disappointing him and he believe that the sense of maturity is less much compared to what he expects; innocence has been problematic and to a certain extent it has caused pain. He wants children to grow into adulthood but himself who has grown into maturity has lost innocence and he perceives the reality of the world to be irrational.

Someone like Holden cannot be relied to bring peace in the world as he views the world to be a place with no peace and it is covered with evils of immorality and it is a place that appear unethical with full of corruption. He leads the readers into believing that the world is crazy. He despises everything and nothing that comes from him yields any occurrence of peace or even charity.