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History of Mozart the Composer

Johann Chryosostom Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on the 27th of January the year 1756 at Salzburg in Austria.  He is generally acknowledged as one of the best composers in the history of western music. Mozart came from a good and humble background, the father Leopold was one of the widely known author also known for playing violin and his mother worked at the local administration (Moremen, 7). Mozarts early talent was remarkable since he staterted exploring his talent at the age of three. He stated by selecting chords  on the hapischord. At the age of four he began playing some of the short pieces. At the age of five Mozart started composing his own music. After seeing the good talent Mozart had, the father decided to take him to munich to play as a court musician. He kept composing till the day he passed on. Mozart and his sister maria anne toured many cities like munich, paris, London, Augsburg and many other cities performing his music. He published his first piece in paris.

Significance of Mozart and his great work-history of Mozart the Composer

Mozart was generally known for his great work and people really enjoyed mozarts music. Mozart work influenced other  composers like Rossini Averred and Ludwing Van Beethoven. Morzat’s work was inspirational in that other individuals would listen to his music and feel great or rather feel inspired by the music (Krebbs, 22). Also mozarts music had  nice messesges that made people listen to his music even more. Mozart was so great at his work that he managed to excel by combining musical styles; both the old and the new, foreign styles and the local styles and also combined both sacred songs as well as secular songs. All this songs made him even more popular that majority of people in this realm would wish to listen to his great compositions.

How music functioned during mozarts time and the current society

during the time of Mozart, music was very different compared to how current music functions. Its true that music still moves a crowd of people, currently music is more often listened to and different artist have had a great influence on other people, but still music during Mozart’s days was manifesting in that the compositions had good messege than the current generations songs (Titon, 3). Currently songs are listened to for fun that is, when people realize that an artised has produced a new song they go ahead and listen to the songs even when the songs don’t portray a good messege at all as a result making the artist a celebrity and in return you as an individual gain nothing.History of Mozart the Composer

Best of mozarts composistions

Mozart composed a number of songs but my favourite happened to be Clarinet Concerto A, k 622. The song was published two months before mozarts death on December 1791 meaning that the claninet concerto was completed on October 1791 (Schneider, 15). The piece was directed to one of mozarts best friends Anton stadler who was also one of the most gifted clarinetists in Vienna. The song was instrumental and had high motivation to other people. I as an individual love the piece because its highly empowering to listen to it and also inspires me to to become on of the most remarkable composers.History of Mozart the Composer








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