The History of Al-Andalus

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The History of Al-Andalus

Thesis Statement

The inquisition movement by Queen Isabella was the end of Muslims in Spain and the beginning of the new era.

Conversion of Muslims to Christianity and the historical comparisons

The Spanish inquisition was established in 1478, and was meant to maintain the catholic orthodoxy to replace the medieval inquisition. The sixteenth century is seen as one of the darkest times in the Spanish calendar. During this point in time……

Causes and consequences

The Christians felt that the Muslims were growing in number in the country (Jayyusi, 1994). The growth in population of the Muslims in Spain would lead to various negative effects to the Christians. The Christians, under the stewardship of Queen Isabella launched………..

Continuity and change

The Muslims, on the other hand, resisted the change that was being imposed upon them. They invaded the Christian territories and killed those who did not want to convert into Islam (Occidental Dissent, 2010). Some of the Christians were taken as captives during………

Benefits of the sources

The use of the primary and the secondary sources play a vital role in the provision of the evidence for the text used. In this case, the references act as sources for the information to be used in the research. The secondary sources provide the…………

Primary vs. Secondary sources

The primary sources include the books and articles while secondary sources include the digital resources such as the web links…………