Buy Existing Paper - High-Impact Fundamental Writing Skills Workshop


High-Impact Fundamental Writing Skills Workshop

Hello Lighthouse family. As many of you are aware of the information that has been circulating in social media, most of our employees have been committing numerous grammatical errors when receiving orders from our customers. Although it is common to make such errors, they should be avoided if our brand it to continue appealing to the general public. Last week, I received an email from one of our loyal customers that complained about an embarrassing grammar mistake. The client noted that one of our menu items was listed as “sandwhich”. Without a doubt, the employee who compiled that list intended to write “sandwich”. Unfortunately, the incident created the notion that Lighthouse Restaurants lacks even simple knowledge about the food that we prepare and sell to our esteemed customers. Unless we guard more seriously against such embarrassing grammar mistakes, our company is likely to lose some or even most of our customers that are subjected to these negative experiences.

High-Impact Fundamental Writing Skills Workshop

Fortunately, we already know our shortcomings and have identified the best way to correct it. In an effort to ensure that the present trend does not continue, the management has organized for a free six-week fundamental writing skills workshop targeting all our employees. It is important to note that although the training will be optional, the skills that participants will acquire will be helpful to them irrespective of the business environment they work in. Employers throughout the world are looking for employees with good writing skills. It is also worth noting that workers that possess this important skill have been more successful in landing and keeping their jobs despite the high level of competition in the industry. Therefore, this free workshop presents a great opportunity for all our employees to build their careers and to improve their ability to communicate.


The management of Lighthouse Restaurant has hired Professor John Richie, who has earned outstanding praise within our local community for his exceptional communication instructions. Richie has more than 40 years of experience in addressing issues related to effective communication. Therefore, those who attend will, without doubt, improve their ability to  communicate effectively with the ultimate result being felt in our business. Classes will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday starting October 23rd. Each day will have two 30-minutes sessions covering the same content. The first session will start from 7 in the morning while the second one will begin at 6 in the evening. The purpose of this arrangement is to accommodate everyone irrespective of their working schedule.

High-Impact Fundamental Writing Skills Workshop

It is expected that this writing workshop will go a long way in improving the ability of our employees to communicate effectively in just six hours! By the end of the training, participants will be better positioned to articulate their thoughts and points in the best way possible to be understood by the customers. Moreover, they will greatly improve their learning skills by being taught on how common writing pitfalls can be spotted, corrected, or even avoided completely. To spice things up, drinks and refreshments will be offered throughout the training sessions. Moreover, participants will be entitled to free lunch on each workshop day. More importantly, certificates of recognition would be awarded to individuals that will undergo the entire training in an effort to build their resume.


Poor writing skills will not just expose you to ridicule. They could hamper your career and even threaten the future existence of the enterprises you work for. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about any of these happening to you. Take a bold step and register for this training in my office. I guarantee you that you will not regret investing your time in this activity. Let us all be there on that day!