heavyweight motorcycle brand

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heavyweight motorcycle brand

The company’s riders were aging and a new generation of riders had emerged in the market who needed a completely new brand of motorcycles to meet their needs and preferences, a factor that threatened the existence of the company. The central problem facing the company was how to attract more young adult customers and influence them to embrace the company’s brand. Despite having a substantial market share for the heavyweight motorcycle brand, the company needed to take action if it had to sustain its growth.  This problem came about as a result of the young adults finding it hard to fit and belong into the Harley brand culture that is always perceived to be of the older generation, the intimidating dealership, a version that scared many young customers and the young adults’ perception of the company’s brand of motorcycles being expensive as compared to other brands. The new generation of young adult customers possessed a rebellious spirit with a strong preference for dark bikes as opposed to the chrome cruisers that were a favorite to its core customers.

Environmental Scan

Environmental scanning is involves an examination of both internal as well as the external environment of the organization. The organization was internally by the acquisition by American Machine and Foundry, which brought a restructuring of its corporate stewardship, presenting a real threat to the survival of the company. With this buy-off, there were retrenchment problems as workers were reduced, a move by the new management that triggered a drop in the product quality. The heritage of the company was essential for its identity, and this was bought back from the American Machine and Foundry. In addition, the company had a strong brand image, an advantage to its operations. The subculture of the organization was appealing especially to its customers, who adopted the subculture and lifestyle in a deep sense and lived the branded lifestyle within its unique subculture. With the dynamic needs of customers, the organization faces an aspect of continually developing its product to match these needs. Therefore, there must be appropriate technological balance for these developments. The demographic composition of the company’s customers is also dynamic as it consists of those who are aging and demand a different kind of brand than the ones who are young………heavyweight motorcycle brand

SWOT Analysis


There is a presence of a large market share for the company’s heavyweight motorcycles.

The company enjoys a large customer base in the US market with its main competitors being situated in Europe and Japan.heavyweight motorcycle brand