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Healthcare is now a major liability for Republicans



Healthcare is now a major liability for Republicans. Will they dig the hole deeper?

This article was written by Andy Slavitt. Recently the US held its midterm elections and most of the voters were driven by the need of a better healthcare. Since 2010, Republicans were known for opposing the Affordable Care Act and had supporters for that. This time round however, there stand was not as popular and saw a loss of a good number of house seats. In the next two years, healthcare may see some reforms given the democratic majority in the house.

For the first time since 2010, people are not keen on rejecting the Affordable Care Act. Following this new change of heart, Republicans may benefit by joining the Democrats in actualising the act. They can work towards common goals of its affordability and availability to the whole nation. If the Republicans play their cards right, healthcare may win them some seats in 2020. However, they need to stop repelling Affordable Care Act now if they plan on making Medicare accessible to all.

States are increasingly boarding the healthcare train as they should. So far, Utah, Nebraska and Idaho have adopted the expanded Medicaid. Other states are considering their own tailored options for Medicaid such as adding social services, prescription drugs and mental healthcare to it. Republicans may have to fight for the inclusion of their ideas to Affordable Care Act because Americans in general are growing tired of fights that lead to nowhere as they continue to suffer expensive medical covers. It is time that both political parties sat down to find a way of what could work.Healthcare is now a major liability for Republicans

In this week’s reading, it was clear that there were problems between the federal government and states regarding healthcare in the past. States want to run their own medical care with little interference from the federal government. In this article, it is clear that states are doing so by embracing the ACA from the federal government but defining it the way their state members would like. In the past, affordable health care for all has been a major dream for Democrats and somehow, it never materialised as they wished following opposition politics from Republicans. According to this article, this fight may well be on its death bed. The politicians will not agree because it is their desire to but are being forced by voters to find common ground to solve the crisis. This problem would have been solved a long time ago had American voters insisted on better health coverage.

Joshua Kushner’s start-up Oscar Health sues Florida Blue for allegedly running Obamacare insurance monopoly

This article was written by Berkeley Lovelace Jr for CNBC. Oscar healthcare accused its competitor Florida Blue for illegally running Obamacare in the state. According to Oscar Health, Florida Blue’s governing policy was not by the book. This is because if a particular insurance broker was selling Florida Blue cover, they had a policy governing them as the same broker could not sell Oscar Health.

Oscar Health is very new in the Florida market and feels that such policies will limit their expansion in the state. They feel that the playing ground should be level for everyone to enhance fair competition. In the filed lawsuit, Oscar Health maintained that Florida Blue was taking advantage of its monopoly in the market to ensure that newcomers do not get a share of the consumers. Oscar Health cited that a broker should sell an insurance policy he feels best represents the consumer and should not be bound to one company.

When Florida Blue was reached for comment, they said that their contractors were independent and free to choose whom to work for. They said that Oscar Health claims were not properly grounded. The two insurance companies are in competition to provide the best plan under the Affordable Care Act which is also known as Obamacare. Florida Blue is currently the biggest provider in Florida State.

This article highlights the problems associated with health insurance firms especially if they are trying to offer similar healthcare plans. The state should determine the case between the two insurers because it is their mandate to. It is also clear that though Obamacare faced a lot of problems in its early days, the act is slowly being embraced in different states. Healthcare has been a big problem since America’s founding days especially because it is costly, citizens are now demanding better from their elected officials and change is possible.Healthcare is now a major liability for Republicans