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Health Education Organizations Assignment




This assignment is two-fold in nature.  On the Internet, access the site: (The Coalition of National Health Education Organizations).


  1.  On the left side of the home page, click on “Publications.”  When that page comes up, click on “Employer’s Guide” and “What is Health Education?”  Print a copy of each of these publications.  These publications include excellent basic information about health educators, the skills they offer, and where they might seek employment.  You will be held responsible for the material contained in these publications.


  1. Return to the home page.  On the left side of the page, click on “Members”.    Click on a link to a health education organization website.  Acquaint yourself with the website.  Generally the information you will be seeking will be found under “About” or “About Us”.  Write a one-page, typed paper addressing these questions. What is the background of the organization you selected?  What is the purpose for the existence of this organization?  How does this organization contribute to the profession of health education?
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Health Education Organizations Assignment

The Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) was founded in 1950 and has existed for more than 60 years.  About 4,000 health education professionals and students are members of the organization.. It operates in the United Sates and 25 other countries. SOPHE promotes healthy behaviors, healthy communities, and healthy environments. To this end, the organization works through its members, a network of local chapters, and has partnerships with other agencies. Its members work in schools, universities, health care settings, and government agencies (SOPHE).

SOPHE’s purpose is to develop leadership that will help promote health literacy in order to improve the health of people (SOPHE). In this respect, the organization spearheads and stimulates the research on the theory and practice of health education. SOPHE tends to maintain the best quality of standards in health awareness and promotion. Besides, the organization works with other stakeholders to advocate policy and legislation that affect the spread of health knowledge. Besides, SOPHE is committed to developing and maintaining standards for training of professionals in health education (SOPHE).

Being  the only independent professional organization that promotes health of society, it trains students and its other members for them to be aware of all the aspects in this sphere. The standards which organization sets for its members ensure the highest quality and accurate information that is available for its target audiences. Additionally, SOPHE influnces the policy development that encourages health learning experiences. Such efforts have helped to change the attitude towards health promotion for positive.


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