The park is so green! It smells of roses. The roses are a variety. The park is in full bloom. It is summer time and the colors are radiant. The center of the garden is square and pathways run through it. On both sides of the square, there is a semi-circle, which is also a part of the flower beds. There are big grassy paths and smaller ones. In the big path on Monday were groups of students. The small paths on that day had individuals on their own and groups of two or three. The different colors of the numerous rose types, vegetation like climbers and various shrubs are easy to spot. The roses are the main theme of the park and they rest on a variety of flower beds.

There is a gazebo that is covered by creepers entirely. The arches that are part of the gazebo are draped by ramblers. The park boasts of several green houses where flowers are grown. For tennis lovers, there is a well maintained tennis court. The park has a picnic area that is grassy and very green and a scenic place to sit down. The park has a beautiful pond that is surrounded by vegetation and roses. There is a cafe on the park for people that get hungry while on the park.

Open to the public in 1904, its founders wanted it to be a place of joy. That dream is alive today as the park is open daily from sunrise to sunset at absolutely no charge.


  • The picnic area was swarmed with families and the green patch was made colorful by picnic cloths of different colors. There was a banter around the families as they sat down to eat and play.
  • There was a girl who seemed particularly taken by the flowers near the pathways and was down on her knees smelling them. There was a smile on her face.
  • At the gate, as people streamed in there was a lot of ‘aahs’ and ‘oohs’ as the colors came out alive for the new arrivals.
  • The cafe in the park was lovely, the food was served hot and was tasty, and the staff was friendly and polite.
  • In the Green houses, there was no crowd but there were Greenhouse attendants going about their duties.
  • I learnt a variety of rose names.