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Half Pie

As suggested by the title, it is clear that there are two choices for a certain woman who is desperately looking for the position of an evaluator in Computer Central firm. Despite her qualification, she still has no chance in the firm since she is a woman.

Miss Anderson, a well-educated woman, is a competent lady who has attained to higher levels in education. She is a successful woman who has so much achievement within herself and the places she has worked. Life was not smooth for her as she goes for interview and gets positive promises from the firm officials more so, Mr. Green. After she qualifies as an evaluator, she is called to take another job, which is lower than her educational level.

In addition to that, there are other two women who are working in the same rank but they are supposed to be in the title of evaluators. Miss Anderson took the job as she was promised to be transferred to her position after a short while. Days go by but she gets excuses’ from Mr. Green and the CEO, Charles. According to the “culture” of the firm women only go to a certain level in the job market that is why, an opportunity arises but amongst the ten chosen individual, no woman is there.Half Pie

There are facts that, the rotten culture where women are exploited in our society is widely spread. Women are required to either pay in kind for the favors, or end up in low paying ranks not considering her education. My view then stands that women accept to be oppressed, as sometimes, they play desperate and inferior before men. It is therefore wrong, to use our positions to discriminate others whatsoever. Women should be treated with dignity, and skills come with the level of intelligence not gender.